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    Shenzhenaudio Topping EX5 Review (DAC and Headphone Amplifier)

    Imagine a topping DAC that throws the MQA license in the trash and adds a Dirac Live license.
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    Audeze LCD-24 Review (Headphone)

    That distortion graph is unreal!
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    Klipsch The Three Review (Powered Speaker)

    As a Klipsch owner I'd say they've transitioned into a lifestyle brand that benefits greatly from their familiar name and the fact that their classics fit perfectly in the current trend of mid-century modern interiors.
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    Klipsch The Three Review (Powered Speaker)

    Oof sorry man. I was thinking about price to build because the backside looks like there are just a few generic audio boards inside. See AliExpress on 2.1 amplifier boards for <$10,- and Bluetooth receiver boards for under $2,-.
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    Klipsch The Three Review (Powered Speaker)

    The naming makes it seem as if it is part of the 'The Fives', 'The Sixes' line but they didn't seem to be as bad as this (great even with EQ). This might as well be a $20,- Bluetooth speaker, repackaged with retro Klipsch styling.
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    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    Sounds like they are a JTR captivator away from perfection. Would that make the difference between them smaller?
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    Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Review (Headphone)

    DMS: "These headphones will make you cry." DMS: *plays funeral classics* DMS: "They cost $8000,-." Linus: *cries* Amir measuring these headphones: *cries* It totally works! As for myself, I feel a bit better about having bought $400,- flawed Pandas now. Thanks Abyss!
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    Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Review (Headphone)

    You can always save up and buy the headphones later in life. I mean, unless you're not a real audiophile o_O /s
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    Drop + THX Panda Review (headphone)

    As an owner I feel like sharing a little. There is a firmware update out now that'll allow you to upload EQ, straight to the headphones. At that point, whatever you connect to, the EQ will always be applied. I think an onboard EQ, independent of the source, is a great thing to have. As an...
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    Comparison: PCM DXD DSD (Sound Liaison High Res Format Comparison)

    I don't know if I'm correct but I personally feel like hi-res is a better source if you use DSP corrected hardware. I draw a comparison to photography* where a raw image and a JPG that is processed in camera look practically identical but once you start to push it in certain areas during...
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    Comparison: PCM DXD DSD (Sound Liaison High Res Format Comparison)

    Thank you for educating us! I feel it is much needed in the enthousiasts HiFi community.
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    Inside High res Music (Antonio Forcione) (Video)

    I get where he's comming from though. In practice, we all know that the audible range is covered quite nicely in 48khz. I just think that the maximum frequency is only half the sampling rate in theory and in a real world recording it wouldn't be as reliable. It is possible to generate a 24kHz...
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