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    Geshelli Lab Erish coming soon

    I'm all for sharing information, maybe start another thread and tell us all about them without talking bad or put down other products? Topping does make great products!
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    Geshelli Lab Erish coming soon

    @JohnYang1997 why are you jacking a thread and promoting your own amp/s? Not a very classy way to put your info out there. We truly are in the golden age of audio engineering.
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    Geshelli Lab Erish coming soon

    Not knowing what to expect when listening to a new product almost always hit and miss, but never with Geshelli Labs. They know how to make a great sounding product. Everything I've heard from them is top notch and always makes it insanely difficult to spend more on said "premium" products and...
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    Geshelli Lab Erish coming soon

    Just lucky I've been able to get to know them. Called at the right time about the archel 2.5 and Geno hinted at something being released very soon. Im so exited I can't wait!
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    Geshelli Lab Erish coming soon

    My erish will be here tomorrow ☺️
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    Geshelli Archel Pro v/s JDS Atom v/s .....

    I own the enog2 pro, Archel pro and atom. The Archel puts out way more power and works best with higher impendance headphones. I can max out the atom while watching movies but music is fine. I find the atom to be much cleaner sounding! But I feel more of an emotional connection to my music...
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    Review and Measurements of Geshelli ENOG2 Pro DAC

    Due to your post about csi lps and good results I've been wanting to mess around with one for awhile so I ordered a Dr.meter Triple Linear Variable DC Power Supply off Amazon. It's definitely not a night and day difference. I would say less if a difference than pads or tube swapping but it...
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    Can one tube sound faster/slower than another?

    Ive started tube rolling an fx audio tube-01 and there are definite differences between them. What I'm noticing most is the latest tube I have sounds much slower. Which makes it superb for classical and instruments but not great for most other genres. Is there a definitive guide to tubes and...
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Zmf classics Hifiman he400i Sennheiser hd380 pro Audio Technica ad700x Audio Technica ad900x Tecsun caogen wood headphones Meze 12 classics Koss ksc75
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    Tube Rolling of Schiit Saga Pre-amplifier

    I really like seeing you do measurements of tubes!
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    Review and Measurements of Aune X1S DAC & Amp

    This was my first dac/amp combo unit and it's been great! As many have stated and your measurements stand behind this the dac portion is great and the headphone portion is the weaker link. The great thing is combining this dac with any one of the $100 amps yields great sounding results.
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    What matches the Massdrop thx AAA 789?

    Wow the neurochrome hp1. that's why I ask questions like this.
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