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    Genelec W371A + The Ones : My quest for the Grail is over

    I wonder if sweetwater would take a 2009 Honda Accord on trade?
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    Which country produces the greatest speakers?

    Sonos Faber and Opera in Italy.
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    The Genetic Science of...Psychic Ability

    I wonder how anyone was left for the study?
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    SOLD!!!Revel 328be Pair SOLD!!!

    I can understand that, I've shipped speakers freight and never had a problem but it's a bit nerve wracking until the buyer says everything arrived in great shape.
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    SOLD!!!Revel 328be Pair SOLD!!!

    You have the shipping crates is there a particular reason you don't want to ship them?
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    Tube gear opinions

    You mention tube preamp and phono preamp. I heard for years in order to "tame" the SS harshness use a tube pre with SS amps. I tried it and couldn't tell a difference of course I was given the usual, not revealing enough system and lousy ears. Tubes are nice to look at but my system is all...
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    FS Intel NUC 8i5BEK, pi4,ifi ipower

    Bump Sold the UMIK 1, package deal all the rest for $325
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    So sick of all the bickering - so I did something about it

    It's like a cat box you scoop the impurities out and recycle.
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    Is a better DAC the "best bang for my buck"?

    If you look up the Node2i it's in the bottom quarter of DACs but running it to a tube amp I'm not sure it would make much difference. You could get a Umik 1 and download REW and learn to take measurements is where I would start before tossing that kind of money at DACs...
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    802 D3 vs Revel Salon 2

    Click on the link to Stereophile, it shows the measurements.
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    Can "Everything" be measured?

    As far as the analog signal, you can measure what goes in the ADC and measure what comes out the DAC and compare the signal to see if Chaos grabbed it.
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    Why Roon?

    Roon doesn't auto charge for the next year unless you sign up for it. My year subscription just ran out and that was that. I liked the user interface, hated the auto play from roon radio when a CD ended, turned it off. Roon did nothing I needed that my Lumin App didn't provide.
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    Speaker wire recommendations

    I always liked Canare 4s11. It's a little more flexible than Belden.
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    You need one of these to keep the Quantums organized. A spinoff of original Blue Sun combined with another layer which includes Stein's Quantum Organizer technology. $1,049.00
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    I am looking to buy a hybrid Tube headphone amplifier but don't know what to buy!!!

    I know nothing about this other then it's $99.
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