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    ASR without the A. Science news without the BS

    Agree and same here actually, along with PBS Space Time. JSmith
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    Chord DAVE Measurements (With MScaler) by GoldenSound

    Apart from Topping necessarily and $700... about bang on, although instead of saying "you guys are gull of shit", instead ask for more evidence of their assertion rather than just "my ears". The Dave tests were decent...
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    A hopeless room & sound

    I'd suggest price is not the determining factor, however proper positive measurements, personal aesthetics and build quality are. JSmith
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    HDMI and DACs not evolving

    The lack of even basic specs let alone measurements makes me cautious; Not to mention it's "weight" and "finish", not weights and finishing... "size" is strangely out of place. This is described as a technical sheet; JSmith
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    CHORD M-Scaler Review (Upsampler)

    That sounds more like a description of a bouncer kicking someone's ass outside a nightclub. ;) Sorry, where is this report you speak of? :cool: Without further substance, I will err on the side of most likely confirmation bias. JSmith
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    The Mandalorian - Season 3 JSmith
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    Please help me identify Optical Audio Skipping/Stutter

    It's probably jitter related on the optical out... and unfortunately it seems the A30 doesn't have a setting to adjust the DPLL on the internal DAC (ES9023) which allows adjusting the amount of jitter filtered (or rejected) from the input. Can you not go back to USB? JSmith
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    Optical cable issues

    Hi, welcome to ASR. One of the stranger things I've read that's for sure... apart from calling an exorcist, hard to say. ;) Are you sure you don't have some auto-volume activated on the soundbar? Maybe when it detects the sound of the water (loud is it?) it increases the volume to...
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    SMSL DA9 - Wait and see, or solid buy?

    There is this on the product page; JSmith
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    2022 World Cup - Qatar

    That Morocco/Spain match was intense... and Portugal body slammed Switzerland 6 - 1. o_O JSmith
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    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    That will probably work fine, however all that is needed is a mono 3.5mm TS like; JSmith
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    Artemis Launch JSmith
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    Celebrity RIP Thread

    Cancer is horrible... RIP Kirstie. :( JSmith
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    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    It's not OLED; JSmith
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    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    So you're saying listening before or after changes the AP results? *insert twilight zone music* ;) Well at least there is some progression... as we've gone from "did you listen to it" to "when did you listen to it". JSmith
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