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    Review and Measurements of Little Labs Monotor Headphone Amp

    Ah, a voice of reason, just when I thought I had enough justification to pull the trigger :facepalm: All kidding aside, thanks for your post, very valuable. I've never lacked amount of volume nor experienced any clipping with my KNS's, so your analysis does seem to match my experience.
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    Review and Measurements of Little Labs Monotor Headphone Amp

    As a (happy) owner of a Monotor myself, very excited to see this review and kudos again to Amir for a fine review. My personal headphone is a KRK KNS8400 with an impedance of 36 ohms, so I suppose I'm now justified in looking for a new pair of headphones with higher impedance ; ) Amir, one...
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    Review and Measurements of Marantz AV8805 AV Processor

    Another very informative review by Amir! A question about results of the tests run in high bandwidth and how it reveals problems in the ultrasonic range. This seems to be a reoccurring theme in a lot of gear recently reviewed. How does this translate to audibility in real situations? For...
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    Review and Measurements of NAD M51 DAC and Digital Preamp

    Hey @amirm, would you say that what we're seeing in the ultrasonic range on the NAD M51 is similar in characteristic to what you saw on the DAC DAC? Just wondering if I'm reading these results right. It makes me wonder whether it's just a coincidence that two custom DAC designs both show flaws...
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    Review and Measurements of Digital Amp DAC DAC HS

    Perhaps this would be a good time to post my personal review of the DAC DAC, now that I feel like I've formed some opinions about it... And I would stress the "personal" part of all this, as we're starting to get into somewhat subjective territory. For this review, I will be comparing the sound...
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    Review and Measurements of Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 USB Converter

    There was a time when I was searching high and low for a reliable, high quality spdif to USB converter. I can only vaguely remember why I was searching for one, but I think one reason was that USB driver support for legacy products used to be a big concern when we didn't have as much class...
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    Review and Measurements of Schiit Saga Tube Pre-amp

    This sort of encompasses something that occurred to me, in that I was always under the impression that tubes impart a certain sound signature, and that it would be nice to have some measurements that describe these characteristics. I suppose it would be something like the RMS level plots in some...
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    Review and Measurements of HoloAudio XEME2VE USB to SPDIF

    Hello Amir, I notice that the D10 seems to add noise in the low frequencies below around 500 Hz. Is that something worth noting? Doesn’t seem like the Holo does this?
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    Review and Measurements of Digital Amp DAC DAC HS

    This is kind of interesting, because as a scientist/engineer, I feel like I understand Amir's approach. Of course it would be nice (I suppose) if all the devices were subjected to the all the same tests all the time (something like a Consumer Review type of approach?), but it's not always...
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    Review and Measurements of Digital Amp DAC DAC HS

    [Full disclosure: I'll admit I'm a little biased as I provided the units for review; also, this is my first post so be nice ; ) ] Another very informative review by Amir, and I think it highlights the value of the reviews he does. Some of my take-aways: - The specs for this device promoted on...
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