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    Is the LXmini by Siegfried Linkwitz the answer for home audio?

    In my system, I can tell you that the Orion bass module with uses two Peerless 830452 10" woofers per side is more than adequate to provide bass below 60 Hz when paired with the LXmini speaker. Using subwoofers with greater volume displacement is not necessary. The LXmini itself is the...
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    Your Favorite Loudspeakers of all time whether you owned them or not

    In order of preference: 1. Linkwitz LX521.4 ( don't own them, my room is too small) 2. Linkwitz LXstudio (current speakers, using bass module from #3) 3. Linkwitz Orion - (2004 to 2017) 4. Dahlquist DQ10a (mirror imaged version of the DQ10) (1976 to 2003) The constant here is open...
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    Vinyl -- Deja Vu All Over Again

    As our friend Forrest's mama would say, "Stupid is as stupid does."
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    Linkwitz LX521.4 - new build and impressions

    Nice troll...... From Siegfried Linkwitz's website: Frequently Asked Questions When a new loudspeaker looks different from what is conventionally expected or what experts in loudspeaker design consider to be reasonable, then this raises questions, expectations and conclusions based on...
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    Linkwitz LX521.4 - new build and impressions

    As Joel mentioned in post #132, line level EQ and crossovers either through a DSP unit or a the LX521 custom ASP are mandatory with the LX521. If you want to see the individual driver response measurements made without EQ and crossovers, they can be found at They are in a paper...
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    I've done my (GR) research and here's what I'm gettin'!

    Are we sure this wasn't a delayed post lost in the internet wasteland since April 1?
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    Linkwitz Dipole v. Genelec 8351B on practical grounds

    The derogatory comments on the physical appearance of Linkwitz's designs are just the latest version of sighted bias of audiophools. To be appreciated, they must be heard, not seen.
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    Favorite Loudspeakers of all time whether you owned them or not

    Dahlquist DQ-10s, Quad ES speakers I first heard in LA, but never owned. Revel Salons (did not own), and then Linkwitz Orion 9owned, still use bass module), LXmini (current..) and LX521 (don't own..). Haven't heard anything better then what Siegfried designed to this point in time. Owning...
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    Which speakers gave you the *wow* factor?

    In the mid 1970's - Dahlquist DQ-10 In 2002 - Linkwitz Orion, followed by both the Linkwitz LX-521 and the Linkwitz LXstudio.
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    Show us your Cars

    To Frank Dernie: Any update on the Porsche Cross Turismo $S delivery? By the way, thanks for your insightful comments on the new wave of ground effect F1 cars and the engineering problems they are presenting to certain teams.
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    Buckeye Amps: New US based Hypex multichannel amplifier builder, line-up announcement!

    Congratulations!! So where are you going from here as far as your doctorate is concerned? Will there be room in your schedule to continue to build high end Class D amps in the future?
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    Help me spend $500

    Good move on the JDS stack. If you are using a Windows computer as a streaming device you might want to look into Foobr2000 as a music player with the MathAudio Headphone EQ plug in to handle the PEQ for your 6XX cans. MathAudio is free when using Foobar2000 and is very effective. There is...
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    Sennheiser HD650 Review (Headphone)

    I assume that when you say "Parametric" you are referring to a Peak filter at that frequency, gain and Q value.
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    Minidsp Flex Review (Audio DSP)

    As far as headphone use with miniDSP products is concerned, I do a variation of this theme. I use a Topping D10s as a USB bridge from my laptop and run the TOSlink output to my 2x4HD units and the analog out to my headphone amp. DSP for the headphones is applied via MathAduio Headphone EQ in...
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    badly measuring products, what do you do with them after ASR?

    I went down the Audioquest Dragonfly/Jitterbug hole prior to seeing the reviews here on ASR. I went the eBay route and got rid of both units. I replaced these with an Audioengine D3 from Drop for use with Amir's amazing Sony $10 headphones using MathAudio Headphone EQ for travel use. Still...
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