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    Inside High-res audio: PCM vs MQA vs CD: 2L Sampler Comparison

    That's why I like to call it: Meridian Quack Audio (MQA).
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    Inside High-res audio: PCM vs MQA vs CD: 2L Sampler Comparison

    Thanks for yet another fascinating video with the analysis Amir. My first Hi-Res Blu-ray audio came from the 2L label. It's great that they offer this free service to download sample tracks in different encoding formats and sample rates/bit depths so people can perform tests.
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    Inside High res music: Jazz at the Pawnshop NAXOS (DSD)

    Thanks for this review Amir. Especially interesting to me as I purchased the three-discs SACD set (also includes JATPS 2 and another disc) some years ago from a UK webshopb for only $33 CAD?
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    Shanling UP4 Review (DAC & BT Headphone Adapter)

    Surprising measurements coming from Shangling. They've been in the audio business long enough to be capable of doing better. Thanks for the review Amir. You're feeling generous today my friend. Ah... yes it's easy Friday, jeans day. ☺️
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    StormAudio ISP 16 MK2 Review (AV Processor)

    Oooh... how wonderful Amir. We've waiting for so long for you to get your hands on a Trinnov processor so you can measure it. Do you know if the Altitude 16 uses the same DACs and analog output stages as the Altitude 32? I can hardly wait.
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    Amazon Basics 80 Watt Class D Amp Review

    You've lived in "la belle province"... cool. Do you miss our wonderful winters? Altough in the last decade or so, the eastern U.S. has had its fair share of major winter storms and blizzards, even all the way down to Texas this year.
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    Introduction to Audio Science Review YouTube Channel

    What a coincidence, a couple hours ago, I was closing some tabs on my browser and I had downloaded this PDF on I2S from Cypress Semiconductor's website. Ask and you shall receive as the saying goes. Not quite 90 seconds though. ;)
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    Introduction to Audio Science Review YouTube Channel

    Don't worry Amir, you did just great on the acting front. You're a natural.
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    Introduction to Audio Science Review YouTube Channel

    That's pretty cool merch Amir. Imagine ASR fans going to audio shows and expos while wearing ASR shirts. That would strike fear into the minds of the exhibitors as well as the snake oil showmans that perform those dubious demos. It would help keep them more inline and honest. Can you perhaps...
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    Introduction to Audio Science Review YouTube Channel

    Very funny Amir. That's a great way to introduce the channel with humour and showing folks that you're open and don't take yourself too seriously unlike most other pompous reviewers in the industry. Yet, you drew the line on the sand unmistakenly, describing your mission statement succinctly and...
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    Khadas Tone2 Pro Review (DAC & Amp)

    I went on Khadas' website and got this picture that shows the internal structure. It's patented by Khadas. You can see more on its design here.
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    KRK ROKIT 5 Gen 4 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Pretty good overall considering the performance, the features and the relatively low cost. It would make a good pair of desktop speakers for a computer.
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    New MKII Rotel home theater products add Dirac Live room correction

    My first AVR was a Rotel RSX-972 back in 2001. I'm disappointed Rotel didn't use balanced outputs on the AVP. That's another win for Dirac though. They're at 16 OEMs that have opted to include DL into AVRs/AVPs. Meanwhile Audyssey is going downhill. Here are the links from Rotel: AVP...
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    JBL SDP-55 Audio/Video Processor Review

    Bummer, I had high hopes for this one. Thanks again for such an honest and impartial review Amir. No one can can accuse you of having vested interests.
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