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    Topping D90 vs Denafrips Ares II?

    Disclaimer: I am not an native English speaker, so go ahead and pick my words apart if you wish First let me say that I value this forum extremely highly, as it is a unique source of measurements that represent a "smell test" or a minimum hurdle for audio equipment. Whether this means that a...
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    Tidal does Atmos - for real this time!

    This is good news. Just to be clear, does the Apple TV need to be connected to a Dolby Atmos capable AVR, or will any multichannel PCM over HDMI cabable AVR work?
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    cheapest DAC that displays sample rate and bit depth?

    I have several classical music DVDs that have 16/48kHz Audio Streams. Above 48kHz I have never encountered 16bit
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    Any Volumio users out there?

    If I didn't already have a lot of hardware lying around, I would probably go for the Khadas VIM3 / Tone Board combo and control it from a tablet. Well regarded in this forum and seems well supported by Volumio.
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    Any Volumio users out there?

    I use Volumio with Qobuz. I looked at Idagio briefly, but ended preferring Qobuz, as it offers lossless high definition files and Idagio has only CD quality. The best place to find out more is probably the Volumio Forum, where Mr Volumio, Michelangelo Guarise, hangs out. Their favorite and best...
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    Any Volumio users out there?

    I like it a lot. Your mileage may vary, depending on your needs and expectations No integration with Idagio or Primephonic
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    ANY thoughts on the AUNE S16 DAC/Headphone amp ?

    I am so relieved I finally know why my S16 sounds warmer to my ears than other DACs I have
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    ANY thoughts on the AUNE S16 DAC/Headphone amp ?

    AFAIK the Aune S16 has not been measured by Amir, so I don't know whether it objectively measures well. I have an S16 and I find it sounds very good as a DAC. I would describe its sound as soft and warmish as opposed to analytical. I do not like the S16's headphone amp at all. To my ears it...
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    Amir Buys a New Audio Precision Analyzer (APx555)!!!

    I find @amirm 's measurement suite an outstanding starting point to judge DACs. As discussed at length in this thread, I am not in full agreement that all DACs that pass the measurement suite with flying colors sound the same (no, I am not a troll, just a curious audio enthusiast). But I firmly...
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    Best Portable Player

    For me adding a Chord Mojo to my smartphone has solved the question of portable sound quality on the box side. The Mojo is small enough to carry everywhere and costs much less than a high end AK player If your smartphone is android, you need UAPP If you have an iPhone, it will drive a USB DAC...
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    Review and Measurements of the Topping D70 DAC

    I have not read through the whole thread, so please bear with me if this question has been answered before. The more recent AKM chipsets support "direct DSD" mode that bypasses all filters (hence no volume control). This function is selectable in the RME ADI2 DAC. Can it be selected in the...
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    Compression on Lucinda Williams Gravel Road

    jRiver has just announced support of HDCD decoding
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    Compression on Lucinda Williams Gravel Road

    AFAIK, jRiver does not decode HDCD. Foobar has a HDCD extension that does. You can convert on the fly, or convert to a 24/44.1kHz file. Be sure to set bitdepth to 24 in the parametersof the plugin. More here Long thread here...
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    Critical (Best) Music Tracks for Speaker and Room EQ Testing

    Fully agree, excellent recording. Two more produced by Tony Minasian: Hang around Moon Jazz Both sound excellent and nice to excellent music to boot. Some of the few CD that use the full potential of the format. Enjoy!
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