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    Amir Buys a New Audio Precision Analyzer (APx555)!!!

    I find @amirm 's measurement suite an outstanding starting point to judge DACs. As discussed at length in this thread, I am not in full agreement that all DACs that pass the measurement suite with flying colors sound the same (no, I am not a troll, just a curious audio enthusiast). But I firmly...
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    Best Portable Player

    For me adding a Chord Mojo to my smartphone has solved the question of portable sound quality on the box side. The Mojo is small enough to carry everywhere and costs much less than a high end AK player If your smartphone is android, you need UAPP If you have an iPhone, it will drive a USB DAC...
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    Review and Measurements of the Topping D70 DAC

    I have not read through the whole thread, so please bear with me if this question has been answered before. The more recent AKM chipsets support "direct DSD" mode that bypasses all filters (hence no volume control). This function is selectable in the RME ADI2 DAC. Can it be selected in the...
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    Compression on Lucinda Williams Gravel Road

    jRiver has just announced support of HDCD decoding
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    Compression on Lucinda Williams Gravel Road

    AFAIK, jRiver does not decode HDCD. Foobar has a HDCD extension that does. You can convert on the fly, or convert to a 24/44.1kHz file. Be sure to set bitdepth to 24 in the parametersof the plugin. More here Long thread here...
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    Critical (Best) Music Tracks for Speaker and Room EQ Testing

    Fully agree, excellent recording. Two more produced by Tony Minasian: Hang around Moon Jazz Both sound excellent and nice to excellent music to boot. Some of the few CD that use the full potential of the format. Enjoy!
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    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    I have added Roon Bridge to (standalone) RP3 / Volumio as described here. @Okto Research would this work on the DAC8 as well?
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    Cost no object dac/streamer

    Sound very much like an inverse Diesel scandal to me. They probably put a soundstage enhancer into the DAC which only becomes active when the the DAC is not on a testbench. Jokes aside. I think I'll just let it be and enjoy the music.
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    Cost no object dac/streamer

    Thanks Frank, fair enough.
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    Cost no object dac/streamer

    Thanks, Keith I have done so extensively in this thread and responded to all the pertinent questions re. test methodology and system setup. I sort of knew we would end up there again. "They all sound the same, don't bother". Could it be that a manufacturer does not want his DACs to sound the...
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    Cost no object dac/streamer

    Different filters do sound different. I am just surprised at the amount of difference I am hearing. And the thing is that none of the dCS filters makes the Rossini sound like the other two DACs. Are you saying that the dCS at your dealers' sound pretty much like the other DACs he has in the store?
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    Cost no object dac/streamer

    I offered a theory in my post as to why I could be hearing these substantial differences in soundstaging, which I do not find subtle or hard to hear at all. No golden ears needed. Question: Have you compared other DACs to dCS gear (not meant in a flippant manner). I would subscribe immediately...
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    Cost no object dac/streamer

    @Grizzlily You are right, this is probably not the perfect forum to talk about subjective matters :) Having said that, yes I have installed the V2 firmware to the Rossini, so it now uses DSDx2 upsampling instead of DSDx1. I find it sounds different, I would even say, I prefer the new V2. Before...
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    $100 Roon Bridge Endpoint: Raspbery Pi & HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro

    Thanks, @watchnerd Both (Digi+ Pro and JustBoom Digi) seem to use WM8804, so I'll take the JustBoom results and just add a tiny grain of salt ….
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