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    DSP crossover with HDMI input

    Isn't that discontinued? (not that one can't find anything on the used market, of course)
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    Genelec 8351B D&D8C Hedd Main Towers

    what kinds of preferences would be satisfied by each of these? I am assuming that, at this level, it is about preferences than any kind of absolute "better" or "worse".
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    Bass Response Correction for Klippel NFS Measurements

    I don't think that many speakers are affected. It shouldn't be too bad to do, assuming it applies to 4-5 speakers (2 of which are already done).
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    Kii Audio's "Three": Let me know if you would like to see it reviewed

    Me too. It is an interesting question about the relative value of the Kii vs. the D&D.
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    JTR Subs for HiFi and Music Primarily

    What do you mean by "precision"? Most issues with subs have to do with placement and room integration.
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    Kali IN-5 announcement

    It is nice to see some coordinated, but independent reviews. That really adds perspective and value. Thanks to both for doing this.
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    Bookshelf-Sized CBT array - Constant Directivity through 5,000hz

    Also, if this is true, you can get good response to 100 Hz and that is probably close enough to minimize any localization issues. From the website:
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    Bookshelf-Sized CBT array - Constant Directivity through 5,000hz

    One can use most subwoofers for content below 150-200 Hz. If you purchase one or two relatively inexpensive ones and place them near the front speakers, there shouldn't be any noticeable localization effects including for the center channel. I suspect that if you run a third sub in the back of...
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    SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer (announced)

    And imagine trying to place 2, 3, or 4 subs. Yet another reason for small subs for people who don't want subs to be so visible in their room.
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    Sub placement and connection dilemma

    I guess I would try it both ways, since it is essentially two options. Deal with the wiring part after you have the placement part done. I think I would start with the diagonal position and start wirelessly for simplicity. This will allow you some freedom to move things around to the "best"...
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    Prototyping our new high-end dual opposing 10": Sigberg Audio 10D

    Just out of curiosity, what is the reason for having the 9 holes drilled through the box in picture #3 immediately above? I can't quite tell what I am looking at.
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    Black or white grille on a white speaker?

    FWIW, KEF seems to do black speaker grills on the white speaker (at least the R3). And they make the buyer pay for them separately. You could go without grills and offer both colors for people to buy what they want. If they even want them. I voted white, for the record.
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    Black or white grille on a white speaker?

    You should be a little bit careful with this. If people tend to prefer black speakers and would not get a white speaker, is their preference for the grill color the one you want to use as the basis of your decision? Perhaps they want black grills because, subconsciously, it looks more like...
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    Think it's time for new speakers

    Sell your benchmark gear (which is amazing) and go with active speakers. The usual suspects -- Genelec, Dutch and Dutch, and Neumann may have options you like in the < $10k range. I think you get more bang for your buck that way. The Studio Dutch and Dutch 8c are just under $10k. So, if you...
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    Low clearance below TV for Center

    You are better off getting a smaller speaker and setting the cross over to the sub higher. Or find a way to mount the speaker above the TV. Or just go with a phantom center (i.e., left and right but no center). I did the latter for many years and it works fine, generally. Depends a bit on...
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