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    Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor Measurements #3

    So, how would one best take advantage of the strengths of the KH80? Would that require 2 Rythmik FM8 (dual 8" subs) crossed at 200 Hz? Plus a 12" sub for the low bass? Or could you get away with one FM8 and go mono under 200 Hz? Or just two traditional 12" subs that can play up to 200 Hz...
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    QSC CP8 PA Speaker vs. 8" Studio Monitors

    Are you using a sub? If so, that should allow all of your speaker options to play louder and cleaner if you set a cross-over somewhere. For the $400 difference between the Kali/JBL and the QSC you could buy most/all of a good sub, depending on your preferences.
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    Neumann KH420 vs Genelec 8361A

    Thank you for pointing that out. I had not realized the sub had a digital input and DAC. That makes it really useful, and now I understand how it works so well with their other analog monitors. I am not sure what I was thinking because it makes much more sense now.
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    Neumann KH420 vs Genelec 8361A

    I think @echopraxia has a "small" Genelec sub to go with his 8351b's, all tied together with GLM. He might want to comment on it. It is probably the same cost as the 8361a and no sub.
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    Elac Uni-fi 2.0 announced

    Looks like a review with lots of measurements. If anyone has more insight into the center channel measurements, it would be good to hear.
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    What speaker/ monitor gave you the most "I never heard that before" moments?

    I listened to the Paradigm Persona 5F (I think it was this one). It was just an afterthought -- I knew nothing about the speaker and had asked the dealer what he liked. I could not get over how clear the sound was. Maybe that is a euphemism for "detailed" but I thought of it as clarity. This...
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    Full range system for < $1200

    Very interesting idea -- any suggestions? I am not very familiar with those options.
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    Full range system for < $1200

    I was trying to figure out how little I could outfit a medium sized room with high quality full-range sound. I am thinking of my room (14 x 20 with vaulted ceiling that ranges from 8' to 11') but I asking more of a general question. I thought I would make it a challenge to see what people come...
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    Recommended subwoofer with L/R XLR ins and outs?

    The Kali sub seems to have them.
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    Revel F328Be Speaker Review

    I agree completely. And science often makes is best progress when its understanding (i.e, a model) isn't sufficient. This often leads to new investigations to improve the models. Which is why weather forecasting is so much better today than in the past.
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    Revel F328Be Speaker Review

    The weighting isn't arbitrary. The weights are based on a statistical model describing the systematic (not random) relationships in the data. The selection of parameters to include in the model was based on the experience of the researchers. This has an element of "arbitrary" to it, but it is...
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    March Audio Sointuva Speaker

    Are you sending a pair to @amirm ?
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    Revel F328Be Speaker Review

    It is not arbitrary in any reasonable definition of arbitrary. In fact, this shows the value of the score -- it is highlighting the measurement issue in the bass, and it may lead to a better understanding of how to measure bass. As I have said many times, the score is no better or worse than...
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    Revel F328Be Speaker Review

    I agree. Something seems off with the score. Particularly the difference for the sub being +2.2. It just doesn't seem possible that the improvement with the sub is bigger than for the Genelec 8341.
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    Sigberg Audio: Building a "design" subwoofer that actually sounds good

    I think your picture is really great. I politely suggest that it would be beneficial to get rid of the black label. Then it would truly be invisible. I know everyone does a label, but even a small label is visible. But it is too small to be legible. Hence it causes a visual problem with no...
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