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    Ways to get more than 8 analog outputs without clock sync issues?

    With their external power supplies, two MK5's take up more space than a single 24ao. The 24ao will also have less cabling since you won't need cables between interfaces.
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    Ways to get more than 8 analog outputs without clock sync issues?

    The MOTU 24ao has 24 output channels if you can fit it in the car. It is much simpler to use one device. A client has been using a MOTU 24ao for his theater for about 7 years now. I have the MOTU 1248 (12 channels) and the 624 (6 channels) and can link them with a network cable for a total of...
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    How much does your main stereo system cost?

    Don't forget to add both state and local sales tax for the US. For example, the following have 10.25% total sales tax: Chicago, Oakland, Seattle, & Long Beach. Most major cities are 8.25% or higher.
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    Thinking outside the (Speaker) Box - Does Stereo Ruin sound?

    I've been following Dave Rat's articles, AES presentations, and videos for years. He was the live sound engineer for Red Hot Chili Pepper's for 26 years and also worked for several other bands. He currently does the complete audio system setup and runs all the stage for Coachella. Dave's...
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    Atmos finally decoded in PC/Mac

    JRiver Media Center's video renderer (JRVR) will use the Dolby Vision metadata for tone mapping.
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    Why so few subwoofer reviews?

    The frequency response is very important for matching to the mains. Some of my calibrations have subs that don't extend high enough in frequency to work properly with the mains. Low frequency output capability at 30 Hz differs by over 30 dB among various subs and the difference is even greater...
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    Am I crazy for abandoning Room EQ?

    No, automatic Room EQ makes no sense and can't help a physical problem with electrical manipulation. I have never heard a room EQ system that improved the sound (YPAO, Audyssey, Trinnov, Dirac, ARC, Audiolense). I own a StormAudio processor with the highest precision of Dirac Live available and...
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    Auro Technologies has filed for bankruptcy (June 10, 2022)

    Auro Technologies has filed for bankruptcy. The Belgian sound specialist Auro Technologies has filed for bankruptcy as a precaution. This was announced this Friday morning. Auro Technologies is internationally known for its “Auro 3D” sound format, which competes with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The...
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    You're 12, never watched a single Star Wars movie/show - where do you start?

    I recently started my kids with Rogue One and then am doing Machete order.
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    Timing test results - a poll

    In live sound and in-ear monitors (IEMs), the rule of thumb is to not to allow any longer than a 7 ms delay. Shure recommends 5 ms or below. Some bass and drum players don't like more than a 2 ms delay. The issue isn't that you are hearing distinct sounds. It is that the phase changes caused by...
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    Atmos finally decoded in PC/Mac

    Kaleidescape has lossless Atmos. I can currently record up to 24 channels of decoded Atmos as PCM, but have never felt the need even though I’ve primarily been an HTPC user. I do like to covert to multichannel flac the song during closing credits of movies for audio playback, but so far have...
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    Atmos finally decoded in PC/Mac

    This is only for the audio track so you can’t use it for movies. Blu-rays aren’t the only source of lossless Atmos.
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    Octave Music Don Grusin High Resolution Music Analysis (Video)

    High resolution (high sample rates) only lets you measure smaller wavelengths. Think of going from 48 kHz to 96 kHz like creating 1/10 of a cent coins - a very small measurement of currency. You can then pay the exact amount for fuel, but it doesn't make your payment for anything else more...
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