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    Small Subwoofer Drivers in Tower Speaker

    Cool! I hate writing so I did not know if I wrote enough to be helpful. One more pic, the baffle sim setup. My baffle has a 44m edge. The tweeter's SD is set. No reflections. The mic is over the tweeter. A 60-degree tweeter trace is loaded and the horizontal set to 60. This is all that is...
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    Small Subwoofer Drivers in Tower Speaker

    On some level, messing with the baffle sim and 3rd party data, is close to the same process as measuring a real speaker. It is all about generating the vertical and horizontal data for each driver. The difference is you use the mic and angles in the baffle sim to generate the measurements...
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    Small Subwoofer Drivers in Tower Speaker

    "but without any experience I feel like the 8mm xmax may be limiting." VCAD can answer that-sort of. If the question is, what will my baffle/spl trace sim's EQ do to the T/S param sim? If you have a model in the enclosure tool and vcad you can link them and see what your eq is doing to the...
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    Small Subwoofer Drivers in Tower Speaker

    Are you loading trace data directly into vcad or running the traces through the baffle sim and exporting each driver's off-axis and loading that into vcad? I would use a 60-degree off-axis trace and use that to generate 90 and 120 degrees in the baffle sim. For the vert, just use the on-axis...
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    how to find an alternative tweeter?

    Not much here: A bit more here: You can't search by the OD. You need to know the size of the tweeter. How will you adjust for the differences between a new part and the old? How does the current tweeter mount? Pics of it apart will...
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    Danley Sound Labs SH50 This paper is about frequencies and how we estimate the distance. I'd say that graphic is wrong in how things radiate and ignores how we hear. It looks nice though! Too bad we are visually dominant animals.
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    DIY Cinder Block Speaker

    This kit is about the same size: There is another version too that is probably the same size. The website has more. The parts should be easy to find. I am sure there are more kits. I've heard that tweeter and it sounded nice. Best of luck!
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    Weird measurement dips at the same frequencies in REW

    Odd. My gut says soundcard/OS settings if it happens no matter what you do. Are all soundcard filters turned off? Is anything sticking out 7.8" from the tweeter or mic?
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    desk tower 3way WIP.. (BlieSMa t25b + ETON 3-212 + Seas l26roy) + Hypex + PE boxes

    The new speakers are meant for the desk but I thought it would be good to compare them in another room to my JBL 580's. The topping 10s outputs to spdif and analog at the same time so I was able to hook it to my receiver and fa123's. This allowed for instant swaps between speakers. For movies...
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    Small midrange in 3 way system I don't know. If I recall, there was a Seas MG that also fell apart with humidity.
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    Small midrange in 3 way system

    That eton out of production. I was looking for it when I made my 3way. :p I did find a guy in china selling them for $$$$. One downside (based on random internet posts) seems to be the cone can get messed up by humidity. The $$$$ eton arcosia seems to have a coating that solves the problem...
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    Introducing Directiva - An ASR open source platform speaker project

    Cool! Can you generate the vert. directivity of Kimmo's XO. It is so neat to see what is prioritized. Kimmo's XO (to my newbie eyes) looks to put phase as a low priority compared to the other graphs. As a novice, I thought the phase needed to track better.
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    What makes speakers "disappear " and can it be measured?

    "Sound Spectrum Influences Auditory Distance Perception of Sound Sources Located in a Room Environment" Free to read. My take, there are certain frequencies that we over-estimate or can exactly guess the distance from our ears...
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    Midnight Listening

    Me too. I just have a late-night eq that lowers 100hz and below.
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    Introducing Directiva - An ASR open source platform speaker project

    I am sure you guys will figure it out. Just to spitball guess... It sorta reminds me of this: hifijim on diyaudio just traced some wobble back to diffraction off of the woofer. I know I have seen the same. The purifi...
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