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    SVS SoundPath Review (Wireless Transmitter)

    @amirm can you test this one? At that price, shipping will be pricey and you’d hope to get a local reader to submit it if you didn’t buy it yourself. It takes high level inputs and has a chip amp on the...
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    JBL 4319 Studio Monitor Review

    If they are made in Mexico then it’s the 2213Nd-2. That technical manual doesn’t show any revision and 2010 was the transition from Northridge to Mexico. I grew up with the L112 which would become the 4319 in my opinion. The L100 ran full range woofers which is reflected in the 4312E. It’s...
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    JBL 4319 Studio Monitor Review

    If you are really adventurous you can open it up and try to see. As far as I know, the 4312E was made after Northridge manufacturing closed. If it is made in USA, then you know it is early production. Also, it could be a typo in the users manual and you have the -2. One of the things about...
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    JBL 4319 Studio Monitor Review

    Theoretically the Low TCR wire is supposed to increase bass at high volumes but dynamic thermal compression also matters, so people say that bass has greater “attack or slam” while being clean. @Charles Sprinkle (he is now with Kali Audio but...
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    JBL 4319 Studio Monitor Review

    That is likely a typo in the manual unless you have some sort of very early production run. The -2 adds the low TCR wire. Both the technical manual and brochure specify -2 And...
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    PS Audio Noise Harvester AC Cleaner Review

    It doesn’t blink with a regenerator. it also decreases the high frequency noise reported by Ting monitoring device. No audible differences which is also confirmed by the AP measurements. I am sure there may be some combination of factors (perhaps with poorly regulated power supplies) where...
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    Panasonic DP-UB9000 UHD Player Review

    The trick is running 4K UHD discs on your 1080P plasma. You get all of the performance of the plasma with ultra high bitrate sources. One of the most interesting examples of this is the cartoon version of the Grinch. It’s only a 2K digital intermediate so it’s not even “real” 4K. But the 4K...
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    JBL 708P Review (Professional Monitor)

    1) Interesting that the 4319 has lower distortion for both the woofer and tweeter. 2) The slightly higher tilt seems to be consistent with the 4319 (esp once the tweeter was tuned down) 3) dispersion is way better with this modern generation DSP and horn
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    JBL 4319 Studio Monitor Review

    Just to add since this is my 4319. The L-Pads for the 4319 are not great. Even though it was just one click high, we can see in Amir's testing that it really boosted the treble. Once I had it in-room and turned the treble to flat, it was much better. The target curve is lighter than the...
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    JBL then and now

    Then, it was about engineering Today, it's about the experience (JBL Consumer) JBL Professional marketing still focuses on engineering Part 1 History: Part 2 Testing: Part 3 Design: This isn't a criticism of JBL or Harman -- it's a reflection...
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    New 110th Anniversary Denon products with "ULTRA AL32"

    but looks like the old PMA-A100 was better (ignoring Ultra AL32)
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    New JBL SA750 Integrated Amplifier for US $3000.00

    They are excellent. At the time, they were at the threshold of test equipment in that era BEFORE applying negative feedback. It was the Benchmark of its era. The 60s and 70s JBLs were made before being acquired by Harman. The amplifiers were discontinued once Harman acquired them. From high...
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    PS Audio Noise Harvester AC Cleaner Review

    Interesting. I got a Ting AC monitor which was provided by my Homeowner’s Insurance. It is supposed to predict house fires from electrical anomaesides voltage, it does measure the high frequency noise. The Noise Harvester does work to decrease the noise. the bottom is with the noise...
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    Geshelli Archel2.5 Pro Review (headphone amplifier)

    I think Amir is overwhelmed with gear to test, and unlike before, he is now in a rush to get things tested and shipped back to the owner. Looking at the Denon DA-500 review, while he did spend some time looking at the effect on Alpha on/off, he also fed the unit 24-bit data when it's clearly a...
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    Geshelli Archel2.5 Pro Review (headphone amplifier)

    The look of the unit is based upon their desire to do everything in the USA and to keep costs low. You basically have a Made in the USA product that's priced like a Made in China product. 1) Geshelli Labs uses plexiglass because... "One thing not many people know is we do other things outside...
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