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    Dune 2021

    I say Dune 2021 last evening. It is a very good film in it's own right. It does suffer only in comparison with the book, and in varying degree with the 1987 movie and 2001 mini-series. So 2021 has scenes that are invented by Villeneuve and don't appear in any the aforementioned versions...
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    Justification of an expensive purchase

    My all-purpose expensive purchase justification: I wanted it; I could afford it; I bought it. As long as I'm not depriving my own wife or family in any serious way, it's good. What about the starving masses? I'm suffering compassion fatigue. A recent example was the 'SE+' upgrade to my...
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    Stereophile Tests $45k D'Augostino Monoblocks

    We see here that the whole trend to tweaking amplifier to taste has got crazily out of hand -- not mention the trend to baroque case esthetics. One is inclind to say that D'Augustino has lost his marbles, though doubtless he will find as many buyers as devices he can build. This broken amp is...
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    What is / are your most memorable camera(s)?

    My most memorable camera, though I owned only for a short time unfortunately, was a Leica M3. This was an exquisite piece of craftsmanship for the all-mechanical era. My second most memorable camera was my remarkably compact and handy Olympus OM-1. Based on my pleasure with the OM-1, I...
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    Using Cheap Laptop as Music Server

    I use a mini PC like this Beelink pictured -- link HERE. It is a low-power but fully functional Windows 10 computer that is quite adequate to run music players and virtually any basic Windows application programs. It as fan, I recall, but if it ever runs it is too quite to be heard...
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    Objectivists vs. Subjectivists - Who's right?

    Well I can't say I agree. I have a few 256 and 320kpbs MP3's and I find them OK, not harsh or sharp. (I always obtain versions lossless if I can, so I don't have a big selection of MP3). Especially fine recordings, (mainly Classical music in my experience), have a lot of fined detail...
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    Objectivists vs. Subjectivists - Who's right?

    In my personal experience it can be very hard to hear the difference between 320kbps MP3 and lossless, but it does depend on the recording, the volume, and -- of course -- the resolution of one's system. Generally 128kbps is pretty obvious.
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    Objectivists vs. Subjectivists - Who's right?

    Who was really surprised that MP3 was preferred over lossless? No me, not any more than I'm not surprised that many audiophiles prefer the sound of tube equipment with quite high distortion over S/S, including class D, with far lower distortion. I would like to suggest that MP3 and tubes are...
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    Preamplifier suggestion for AHB2 (instead of LA4/HPA4)

    That's what I did -- I works :) I have fairly crappy eyesight and it's surprising how many preamps have volume knobs with tiny or even no rotation markings at all; or digital readouts that can only be see from 3-4 away at best.
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    New JBL SA750 Integrated Amplifier for US $3000.00

    Yeah, vintage JBL ... I recall how I wanted a pair of JBL Lancer 77's very many years ago -- I couldn't afford L100's at the time. I though the latter were great 'till I heard a side-by-side comparison with AR3a's that blew them away for detail and naturalness. The big JBLs of the early '70...
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    Class D amp long term reliability

    Anecdote FWIW: My ClassDAudio SDS-258 DIY I completed in 2010 is still going strong. Admittedly there were intervals it it was shelved as a backup amp. This amp has had three different powers supplies, none of which failed but I replaced more for fun than anything else. The longest used was...
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    Anyone Else Buying New Vinyl?

    When I started in hi-fi about 50 years ago vinyl and tape, (8-track was still going strong), were the only options -- no digital at all or even dreamt of by typical music lovers. I got my first CD player circa 1984, (when prices dropped to about Cdn$500). The sound to my ear wasn't really...
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    Effects Of Cabinet Size When DSP Is Being Utilised

    I've done a few speaker design -- mostly on paper, granted. In any case, in these exercises I have preferred close-box designs because, (as I understand), they yield better transient response. Obviously this means to get the same -3 dB point as with a vented box, you've got to equalize...
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    Software tools for building better DIY speakers

    I've owned BassBox Pro for years and find it convenient and easy -- I think continuing to use it is a reasonable choice and I'd do the same. I have also owned and used X-over Pro, also from HarrisTech, for years. It is easy and convenient to use but ultimately too limited when it comes to...
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    [Gallium Nitride amplifier] Impressions of the Mini Gan 5 by Premium Audio, pictures / video inside

    I have an SDS-258, DIY, which I originally built over a decade ago. Fairly early on I upgraded the CDA linear power to mush higher capacitance Connexelectronic supply; I can't say I noticed noticed any difference in sound or performance. I recently "upgraded" it with a SMPS, (also from...
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