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    Active Speakers for Home Entertainment

    I was reading a very interesting topic about the auto noise generated by active units such as Genelec, in the specifications of the G Three and 8030C this value is 5db, now for hypothesis if you want to use the speakers as a music source to reproduce any type of sound even during Internet...
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    Looking for a worthwhile upgrade from Genelec 8030c

    I am of the opinion that despite having specific equipment available for this purpose and which have their undeniable usefulness the human ear remains the only precision instrument that can rebalance a calibration equation carried out in an automated way, and therefore not perfectly similar...
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    Speakers for classical music

    Not that I want to despise other brands, but recommending Kali seems risky to me, they belong to a medium-low range of the market and therefore the sound quality is lower than projects such as Neumann, Genelec, etc. Kali Audio line, personally I would not recommend them for those who want to...
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    Active Speakers for Home Entertainment

    I would like to avoid speakers with a too clinical tone, the Focal sound is a little too detailed it is not the kind of tone I prefer, I like a generally warmer sound but with a deep sound stage, from what I have read on the various Forums and reviews it seems that the one that has these...
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    Active Speakers for Home Entertainment

    I am looking for a pair of active speakers for desktop use but I intend to use the stands behind the desk in order to avoid unwanted reflections and have a more correct soundstage, I am undecided between these three models. The speakers will be connected to a Dac Preamp and as a source I will...
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    Welcome New Members to ASR, introduce yourself here.

    Greetings to all and thanks for accepting my registration to your Forum. Congratulations to all the staff
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