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    Mahler - Symphony No. 2

    I don't have other Mahler #2 to compare in terms of performance and interpretation, but the recording quality of the Mahler #2 SACD by SFO/Tilson is amazing. The sound is spacious, the timbres of the orchestra is natural, and the dynamics is huge. The Mahler #1 SACD by Telarc/Zander is also...
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    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    Pre-ASR and Toole's book, my dream speakers were the B&W 802x. Now, with better understanding of speaker measurements (i.e. FR, Directivity etc.), it's Kef Blade Two :). Practically, since I'm into multi-channel setup, a pair of Reference One as fronts, Reference 2c as center, and LS Meta or...
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    The Case For AVRs... Am I missing something???

    I have similar experience. Recently I migrated my HT setup from 5.1 to 5.1.4. Now I listen to all stereo source music in Auro 3D Upmix mode. Soundstage is wider and taller, while imaging is more natural with more hints of 3D. The additional amplification channels and immersive audio...
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    Where do you guys get your binaural recordings?

    I sampled a few Dolby Atmos tracks using Airpod Pro Max at Apple store recently. Yesterday I tried out some binaural recordings on Spotify, and listening to Sony 360 music now on Spotify. I think they all provide similar 3D imaging and spacious feel to the music. While I enjoy them, the...
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    Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier Review

    That's nice. May I ask where did you get the power supply for the 2nd unit?
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    Critical (Best) Music Tracks for Speaker and Room EQ Testing

    Anybody has more specific information about the "Toy Soldier March" piece, like the label, album, performers etc.? There are a few "Toy Soldier March" on Spotify, but nothing about "Reference Recording". Thank you!
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    Kali LP6

    I use this cheap measurement microphone, which I think is good enough. I've read that it's measurements are close to the UMIK-1.
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    Did You Buy Based On Amir's Review?

    Yes. Topping L30, E30 and Denon AVR. Very happy with all of them. Also bought HifiMan Ananda before his review (though it was recommended by a few ASR members). Might not have bought it if his review exist at that time, but I still like the headphone a lot, and have no intention to replace it.
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    Sennheiser HD 598 SE* Review (headphone)

    From my experience, the changes EQ made is very easy to discern (particularly in the bass region), compare to changes in equipments, source resolutions etc. For HD598 specifically, the negative gain at 200Hz clearly take care of the boominess in bass (Disclaimer: I use Oratory setting, not...
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    Ideas for EQing my desktop setup

    Yes, I setup the EQ with AUNBandEQ plugin inside HostingAU for Hifiman Ananda and Senn HD598, using Oratory & Amir's recommendations. It is a pretty straight forward process. The only thing I have to convert is from 'Q' to 'width' (which is what AUNBandEQ use as parameter) using an online...
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    Sennheiser HD 598 SE* Review (headphone)

    Just checked my Amazon order history. I bought the cream color HD598 in 2013. It sounds a lot better than the Grado SR80 I had for a long time, which was quite bright. Subjectively, I thought the 598 has nice soundstage, rather balance sound (besides a bit of boomy bass), but sound texture is...
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    Ideas for EQing my desktop setup

    Good to know this work. Will check out SourceSource. Didn't know it can host DiracLive. Appreciate your feedback!
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    Ideas for EQing my desktop setup

    Thanks for the suggestion. If I settled with option 2 or 4, I'll try out SoundSource.
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    Ideas for EQing my desktop setup

    Hi, all. This is how my desktop audio system looks right now. From usability perspective, it's ok. But as I learn about the importance of EQ, I would appreciate any idea on EQing the system for both the speakers and headphone. Currently, I am using HostingAU/Blackhole to EQ audio from the...
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    Amazon Music appalling sound quality

    Thank you. That makes sense. Since I only use Prime Music (no HD), I don't see the 'HD' icon. Next time when they have the 4-month free trial like recently, I may try it out :). Agree with few comments here regarding the quality of Prime Music, which is mostly unlistenable, except on my...
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