Chiba Prefecture, Japan:
Windows 11 Pro 64 bit Audio Dedicated DIY Silent PCs, JRIver, etc.->Software Crossover EKIO->Multi-Channel OKTO DAC8PRO->multiple amplifiers->direct to SP drivers of fully renovated YAMAHA NS-1000 (not NS-1000M!)+FOSTEX T925A (L&R)+YAMAHA YST-SW1000 (L&R): ACCUPHASE E-460, YAMAHA A-S3000, A-S301, SONY TA-A1ES, ONKYO DAC-1000, OPPO SONICA DAC, KORG DS-DAC-10 , IEC 60268-17_12-VU-Meter-ARRAY, DENON DP-57L + DL-301 MK2 (MC), AUDIO-TECHNICA AT-PEQ30, TASCAM US-1x2HR https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/multi-channel-multi-amplifier-audio-system-using-software-crossover-and-multichannel-dac.12489/


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