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    What is on your workbench right now?

    Most recent thing I did was wire up my patch bay. That was a lot of work, even though it wasn't a solder tab bay.
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    Audiophiliac gives Audio Science Review channel a plug

    yeah that seems like an odd comparison. Studio2s are 12-16x as expensive as KH80s, and while the KH80s are certainly decent I doubt they really compare just in terms of LF extension and SPL capabilities. The 420s are closer in size and price but are still quite a bit smaller.
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    future content

    I actually would like to see this measured as it doesn't really show up in spin data particularly well.
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    Pioneer’s new DJ VM-50 Powered Monitors

    Interesting. I think I'd recommend these over JBLs as well as the distortion behavior is considerably better on top of the lack of baffle resonances.
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    When using subs , does the size of the monitors even matter?

    I agree, 5" is about the limit for decent mid drivers - and I'd only use those in a situation where you're crossing exceptionally low with a large woofer e.g. midsize Barefoots (and those cross at about 100hz)
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    When using subs , does the size of the monitors even matter?

    @yossarian It's a matter of where sound starts to get directional. Crossing above roughly 100hz can get pretty dicey if you're using a sub plus satellite kind of system.
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    Has anyone measured the effect (if any) of tube rolling?

    So... I think when tubes are run in their linear regions, this ultimately doesn't matter. It's when they're overloaded that they start to sound different, because different makes of the same tube type will have somewhat different grid clipping characteristics (read: hi-fi it doesn't matter...
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    When using subs , does the size of the monitors even matter?

    Yep, still does. There's a limit to how high you can cross over before things start sounding disconnected, and that limit is about 80hz. That's still fairly low frequency for a small 4" driver to handle.
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    High-end passive bookshelf speakers vs mid-range active studio monitors

    Except they aren't, not really. Studio focused equipment holds to standards for ease of interoperability, and that means using very old and long-tested digital protocols (AES3 is 35 years old) or straight up analog XLR inputs.
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    High-end passive bookshelf speakers vs mid-range active studio monitors

    Wow, that's remarkably good for what amounts to no waveguide.
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    Polk Monitor 40 Series II Review (Speaker)

    Found a schematic on Parts Express. I think I understand why the tweeter is so hot... I think if you added another resistor with R1 and made an L-pad you could reduce the level without substantially changing the impedance. As for the woofers, that roll-off doesn't seem right to me for a 2nd...
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    Polk Monitor 40 Series II Review (Speaker)

    Less than half that, $180 a pair.
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    Polk Monitor 40 Series II Review (Speaker)

    At some level, I can't expect much for $200/pr. At another, even going $100 more gets you something substantially better in the JBL A130. Related - @amirm when you had it open you didn't happen to take a peek at the crossover did you? I bet a fair bit of this could be improved just by fixing...
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    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    The twin was always going to measure straight up goofy. All of those speakers do. Turns out horizontally aligning drivers is dumb and should not be done if avoidable. The Trios are considerably better - Sound and Recording tested the Trio11 and while it's not quite at the level of accuracy as...
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    Dynaudio Core 47 vs HEDD Type 20 MK2

    Completely understand, I was looking at them as well and then I realized they're effin' huge!
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