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    Amazon Basics 4K HDMI Extractor Review

    I wonder if this could be used with an RPi HDMI output to get 6 channels of audio output.
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    Is it okay to use the DAC to control volume?

    Using 24 bit output from the music server, you still have 48 dB of attenuation before the dynamic range goes below CD quality (attenuation ~ 6 dB per bit). 2.3 V DAC output is pretty typical, really. What is the sensitivity of your amp?
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    The Truth About Tape Recorders

    Oh, you mean mix tapes. Once CD burners became affordable in the 90s those became mix CDRs
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    How to analyze audio library

    I'd use metaflac to get the bit depth and sample rate: find . -iname "*.flac" -print0 | xargs -0 metaflac --show-sample-rate --show-bps | sort > sample_rate+bps.txt That will find all files ending in .flac (case-insensitive) under the current directory and write the filenames, bit depths and...
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    Audiogon thread critical of ASR

    It used to be a great site to buy used gear (probably because it was reportedly -- I never sold there myself -- a good place to sell gear), but then it changed ownership and went into a steep decline.
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    Integrated that can subjectively compete with Benchmark stack?

    I don't think any Bryston gear should hum like that. I would suggest calling Bryston U.S. service about the transformer hum. I had to send an amp back for repair. They were very easy to work with on the phone, and it took them a day to repair the...
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    Best software options for linux music streaming server that can also play local headless?

    I think this would all be possible with Logitech Media Server. LMS is the server and squeezelite is the client handling streaming to devices. You can have multiple independent squeezelite instances running for each audio device connected to the machine (or they can be synchronized for whatever...
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    Easiest Way To Measure A Speaker In A Room

    I also eventually bought a mic stand, but before that I just used the little stand that comes with the Umik and propped it up on some pillows in the listening chair.
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    Easiest Way To Measure A Speaker In A Room

    You'll also need a way to play back measurement sweeps into the audio system. A USB DAC will work (the computer sees it as an audio device). An analog output on the computer known to have a flat frequency response may also work.
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    Anyone watching Lord of the Rings - The Rings of Power ?

    I was commenting on the whole backlash, not specifically ASR. I found an interesting comment on this whole freakout on the Youtube video below: "What bothers me is that people can suspend disbelief for a show that has dragons, elves, ghosts, and giant fire demons but they can't get past having...
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    Anyone watching Lord of the Rings - The Rings of Power ?

    The main problem I have so far is that the hobbits here manage to be even more precious than they were in the LOTR films (I never saw the The Hobbit movies and don't plan to). I do love the all reactionary racist heads exploding, though.
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    Advice: Wharfadale Linton vs Revel 106 vs Revel F35

    Erin's review of the Lintons: Those are some pretty heavy import markups on the Revels. I'd be tempted to take a chance on locally made speakers.
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    Did Cocaine really make records sound over bright with Treble?

    In the same spirit, of course new records sound like shit, you aren't supposed to play them!
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    There is something very, very wrong with today’s music

    Off-topic, but I hope you'll give Walton another chance. One of the greatest composers of the 20th Century. His Symphony No. 1 is one of the greatest symphonies ever written.
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