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    Naim ND555 immaculate build, but does it make a difference to sonics?

    Just get something like this Audiophonics offering and save some money.
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    Looking for DSP options with optical out

    One of the benefits of Roon is the ability to include the corrections provided by REW and also include convolution. You could pay for 4 years of Roon and buy a MiniDSP 2x4 (for the subs) for the cost of the 4x10. I feel your pain though. Although I'm using REW/Roon for room correction, my sub...
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    Show us your vintage cassettes!

    Growing up in Springfield, MA, freestyle had a heavy influence on me in the late 80s.
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    Camera Sales Continue to Plummet

    Love the Z6! Economics are much better than an equivalent Sony. I finally moved to FF after shooting Oly/Pan m43 for 6 years. All SLRs prior to that and I'll never go back to a mirror. Having said that, the D850 is very hard to beat.
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    Do any of you enjoy speakers with bad measurements?

    I auditioned a few speakers for my family room prior to settling with the Klipsch Forte IIIs. They don't measure perfectly, but they produce a great deal of sound with very little effort in my large family room. I was convinced I'd end up with the F208s but I learned that perfect measurements...
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    The quantification of stereo imaging

    100% percent agree with you on how Dirac effects soundstage at least in my near field set up.
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    Schiit Freya S Preamplifier Review

    Schiit Sega?
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    Member profile pics

    The full size pic isn't's a losing battle with the skin...but I'm on the doorstep of 50... thanks BTW!
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    Member profile pics

    Just a selfie while listening to a conference call somewhere in the Bronx on the Metro North.
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    First album? First single? Medium?

    First anything- hi Infidelity (tape)
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    Archimango Builds a NC252MP

    Having build the exact amplifier a few months ago using the Ghent kit, I was happy to come across this blog post. For about $450, this kit should compete favorably in price/performance and yes, I wish it had a trigger. An Inexpensive Hi-Fi Class-D Stereo Amp for the 2020's: Hypex nCore NC252MP...
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    A Darker Side of High Academia

    I'm in the middle of "Poisoner in Chief" and although I had some understanding of MK-ULTRA, etc, the things the CIA did to people during the Cold War is absolutely mind blowing. I can only imagine what we'll learn about the "research" going on in the present.
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    Any experience with Ropiee and/or RopieeXL?

    It's worked without issues for a few months and set up is much, much easier than dietPi.
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    Do you have enough hair in your ears? Grow some more! (Re: Hearing Loss)

    I'm 48 and can't hear above 12k hz. Unfortunately they're no study sites near me although their home office is.
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    Loudspeakers that are neutral, dynamic, full range, and LOUD

    The Forte IIIs play very, very loud with little effort. Not sure they're as neutral as many would like, but are certainly dynamic. (They'll be tucked in tight making room for a Christmas tree for a while)
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