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    Khadas Tone 2

    Was the filter issue ever sorted out with firmware updates? Looks like this could be a spectacular addition to my stack as I am looking for balanced out to my A90. I have Roon but don't like the idea of being forced to upscale all content as much of my music listening is off of 44.1/16 FLACS.
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    Topping A90 Headphone Amplifier Review

    I was super excited to purchase an A90 to go alongside my EQ'ed HD800S. It's overkill for my current setup, but I wanted to purchase something that would drive whatever I buy in the future. However, [after purchasing today] it just occurred to me that I live in an old house and the bedroom is...
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    My Experience With Roon

    I tried Roon when it first launched. At the time I was a broke undergrad with only one endpoint and I found it to be incredibly buggy without much benefit. Not much has changed, I am a broke grad student with much debt (of course I never spent tuition money on audio gear!) :p. After spending a...
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