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    Boise Boomer - 8" sealed sub with REL magic?

    It's an 8 ohm driver It's an 8 ohm driver so not low @ 16 ohms nominal! Paralleling them would give a big boost in sensitivity as a nominal 4 ohm load. There's probably a way to do some wiring that would do a combo parallel and series to get you 3 or 4 but that is not my use case and beyond...
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    Boise Boomer - 8" sealed sub with REL magic?

    For those asking, this is the 2nd subwoofer in the room (other is 12" sealed) as I plan to take a Geddes approach. After I take measurements of the 8" by itself I'll work on integrating them with DSP. And maybe add a 3rd and 4th as time goes by. No more drum tables though but I do have some...
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    Boise Boomer - 8" sealed sub with REL magic?

    Ok, I admit that is a clickbait title (and poking at REL) but there is a reason for it that I'll address sometime in the future. This is the Boise Boomer, an 8" Peerless 830667 sealed in the new and slightly improved 1.17 cubic ft. drum table with the sub downfiring--you may remember its larger...
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    linkwitz lxmini

    To me the measurements were better than I expected and the additional EQing potential due to nice directivity makes it attractive for a build at some point. It's quite a nice out of the box design. Glad Erin measured it because his process and longer duration for listening and setup according...
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    Recommendations for quality ear plugs?

    I'd look at these
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    FTC Power Amplifier Rule

    I'm thinking they'll assume no pre-outs are used for multichannel. All amps in the box are least I hope so. However, they could come up with something wonky like no more than 5 or LCR 3 amps driven only.
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    Visaton midrange THD

    You're welcome. These are the only Visatons I've ever used so no suggestions. I'm still learning myself and am using these in a 3-way center channel (sorry, no saved measurements on it) and that I'm going to try active when I get a new measurement mic. I have another 4 W130s-4s that are...
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    Visaton midrange THD

    I took this about a year ago on a Visaton W130s-4. It was part of my first experiments measuring. Done in a ~11.3 liter cabinet with 20cm baffle
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    Amazon Vinyl of the Month Club

    I'm holding out for 11albums for a penny, then an album a month...isn't that how everyone in the US under the age of 65 started?
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    Tower speaker recommendations under €1500

    These fit the bill judging by the measurements and review Heco 1000 review by AH.
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    Crab Pot Sealed Subwoofer

    It's got me buy-in for multi-subs, so I'm all for it.
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    Crab Pot Sealed Subwoofer

    Thanks! The wife says to make another one and sell it in St. Michael's for $2k;). Originally I was thinking more along the lines of this but with a walnut top and legs.
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    Crab Pot Sealed Subwoofer

    Not really a crab pot - name just came to me from the shape and the fabric my wife picked out. And we don't use pots in Maryland but I digress. This is a down-sized sonosub that I finished to be a presentable table. It's ~1.2 cubic feet stuffed with a pound of polyfill. The driver is a...
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    Grimani Systems Rixos-L Review (Active DSP Speaker)

    I watched one of his appearances on AH on subs and setup and he was really interesting. I also remember them shooting the breeze about how he's a pilot now and flies himself to customer sites bc it's easier than flying commercial most times
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    Tonewinner AD7300 7-channel amp

    Amir doesn't rate things that way though.
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