Colonel Bogey

I love classical music and play a little piano. Boy, do I miss the live concerts now during the pandemic!
As a teenager in the late 70-ties, my dad and I spent a lot of time listening to hifi-equipment, going to trade shows etc. In the late 80-ties I got a pair of Spendor SP-1s, a Cyrus amp and a Sony CD-player and have been using the same stuff until recently.
The streaming revolution (with services like Idagio and Primephonic) has made my setup a bit obsolete so early this year I ventured on a ambitious journey to upgrade.

I am quite quite astonished in two respects. One is the price/performance level attainable with todays equipment! I chose to go with a pair of Genelec 8341As and a 7360A sub but there is of course a lot of excellent stuff I could of gotten instead.
The second source of astonishment is the present day level of audiophoolery, spread trough almost the entire audio industry. Even the ordinary retailer will talk about upgrading power cords, something I cant imagine could of happened in the 70-ties. Some of it was around already say -88 when I shopper around for speakers and got Spendors but nothing close to this magnitude...

Its sad and really hard to believe how far from each other science-based audio engineering on the one hand and consumer hifi on the other could end up...
Jun 28, 1961 (Age: 61)
Stockholm, Sweden
Venture capital professional, formerly applied physics researcher


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