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    If costs wouldn`t matter , what would you buy ?

    Cold Beer and Hot Girls.
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    using optical trough a soundcard to dac

    You can do an Optical output for your PC. Maybe for less than 10 dollars.
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    BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speaker Review

    BIC America and Hsu Research share the same building in Anaheim, CA . Any Relation?
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    Revel M55XC Outdoor Speaker Review

    "Don't forget that the bass will improve once mounted properly". Don't worry, at the poolside party and some Tequila later nobody cares.
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    Fosi Audio HD-A1 Budget Amplifier Review

    From Fosi to Fossil in one review.
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    What do you want from your audio system? (The big question!)

    "exactly as the producer intended". How do We know the Producer objective intent?
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    Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor Measurements #3

    >"thermal conductivity"? Most probable is an effect of Temperature on the Young's Modulus of the suspension materials (surround and spider).
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    Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker Review

    I don't think so. Just taking the proper place in the pecking order.
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    Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker Review

    They report as using an Anechoic Chamber. .
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    ATC SCM19 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    The "room response" needs to indicate specific room sizes. Let's Remember the ongoing discussion on cholesterol and be very cautious about the interpretation of the data. The money spent on cholesterol research amount to hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of subjects under controlled...
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