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    The Vinyl Frontier

    The vinyl thing is far more sensory than Digital will ever be. I can give you an example. I vividly remember the first time I listened to an album called Days of Future Past with a friend, this was like 40 years ago, and I admit there may have been alcohol and oak trees involved, regardless we...
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    1MORE Quad Driver Review (IEM)

    Question: who the heck still uses those airplane 2-plugs as to need this adapter??? someone who wants to watch the inflight movie? I have not flown in like 10 years, but the planes I flew on needed this adaptor. Does anyone know why have the airlines not changed the jacks to a standard...
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    Using a passive volume control hooked to amp output for noise reduction

    This looks like it might properly power my pioneer se-700 pizio headphones, cool
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    Tube tester Hickok 600

    I just got a cool looking Tube tester. I think it is a hickok 600 made in around '47 or 48. It looks like it is new. Does anyone know anything about these ?
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    Windows audio stuttering

    I have had this problem with all audio players in windows for a long time (mostly server os types) Especially bad if hyper-v was enabled. I have done dpc and latency checking, looked at drivers, set the player to a certain core etc. I finally gave up and got a nice desktop dac/amp with 2...
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    Kicker Key 180.4 Review (DSP Car Amplifier)

    I got one of these new in the box at my local Value village for $7.99 a few months ago. I was going to throw it into my kids e36 bmw along with whatever random speakers I have laying around. one channel of his stock amp does not work and bmw is known for crappy speakers. It has to sound way...
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    Tascam BD-MP1 Review (CD/Blu-ray Player)

    I think this is the first cd player review ? I had asked about it once. I have a pioneer pdr19rw it might be interesting to have you record some things and test the playback it back...
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    Worst and best bad movies you've every accidentally watched?

    I haven't seen this one, but it is definitely in some category. Ultra-violent horror movie about a young woman who has sex with cars and is impregnated by a vintage Cadillac stuns Cannes Film Festival...
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    Thoughts on tubed preamps?

    I just got spammed from someone who thinks I should buy Rogue Audio Preamp, and I was curious if one of these had ever been measured. I have had several tube amps over the years, and I especially liked them on cold winter nights, The plasma tv helped too. Both sounded and looked good.
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    How close can I get the sound of my vinyl setup to my digital setup

    Yes, yes , yes this. I have one fully manual one and it is a pita, and the needle has traveled on the end groove sometimes for days I have some more auto ones that I switched it out with cause of that.
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    Measuring CD Players?

    Amir, I have a sony x777es and a pioneer pdr19rw and both of these have optical output. if you can find a test cd let me know. I can think of all kinds of things to measure, but other people thought of more
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    How close can I get the sound of my vinyl setup to my digital setup

    Hopefully you still have your old cart, look into it and if it is a good one see if you can get a new needle.
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    How close can I get the sound of my vinyl setup to my digital setup

    yep, usually colored vinyl or picturedisks sound worse, but some say the modern color vinyl is ok. cheap pressings like the old columbia house are so bad they had to give away 8 albums for a penny. If it was produced after CDs became popular a lot of times the mastering job is poor, or they...
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    Has Amir tested any CD players ? I did a quick search and the only thing I found was I have a sony x777es and some pioneer recorders that I would be willing to have tested
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