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    Inferior Parts in EXPENSIVE components

    One very reputable high-end speaker manufacturer uses cheap electrolytic capacitors in the crossovers, You need to by the top of the line to get propylene..
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    Review and Measurements of Accuphase E-270 Amplifier

    No nothing better than -80 dB pollution can be heard under any realistic home circumstance, and you will not notice any wrongdoings better than -60dB Anything better than -100dB is purely of technical interest an not an aural problem
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    If costs wouldn`t matter , what would you buy ?

    Forget it .I heard it at an audioshow demo, very poor worst headphone sound ever. And I told them Maybe broken tube?
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    New set of graphs for all speakers reviews

    Fatastic work!!! Very very greateful, thank you
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    Irrational Accuphase Lust

    I had the same lust. My entry was by having efficient loudspeakers that allowed me to by a second hand low power amp, A-36 to months old, for about 50% of the new price :). Felt quite lucky as I snatched it just minutes after it was posted for sale Measures well too..
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    Why not review some Hegel amps?

    Yes, the early electric scientist got the charge wrong. All electron go from minus to plus, but actually in a loop , current cannot flow in a single wire, it has to complete a full circle
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    Added measurement with speaker at short wall.. vs speaker on long wall, and some in room measurements compared with anechoic data. First listening with speaker on short wall( green) and short wall( left speaker only). Short wall giver much more even bass!! *I use one trick here I keep the...
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    Dutch & Dutch 8C Quasi-Anechoic Spinorama and Measurements

    Any progress/link to the guide for quasi-anechoic measurements?
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    Seriously, does Heavy Metal ever sound better on better speakers?

    Well I see people listen to and enjoi The Emptiness by Gojira on very sofisticatef high end speakers on extreme levels, while I cannot bear the massive distorted wall of Sound. I cannot judge speakers on such music myself. I need to like the music, maybe that is the key point.
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    Trinnov Altitude / JBL SDP-75

    just needed to put some notes here for reference, FIR window vs Taps vs correction resolution
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    If "Tube Sound" Is a Myth, Why Tubes?

    Room measurement tube (300B SET) vs Transistor Both sound good
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    Anyone see this train wreck in Stereophile?

    Maybe this explains why some costly speakers has an elevated treble: Audiovector/B&W/Klipsch/some Focals it fits the target group I better buy some good speakers while I can hear them...
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    Anyone see this train wreck in Stereophile?

    I can do a reality check quite easily. Baby Grand piano to the right, Hifi to the left, or was it the other way?. A real piano is just real in a some way...I can hear that it is my wife on the piano before I even enter the appartement For some reason I hate recordings of distant pianos, the...
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    Parasound JC2 Preamplifier Review

    Beware if your gain structure , not many power amps need 4v in for rated power on XLR input. 0.5-1.5 is more common I think. That will affect the real Sinad values. I am glad I can adjust my power amp gain from 16-28db to minimize noise. More amps should have that feature
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    Does the cable length matter?

    No, but if you want you can add the LCR values of the long cable to the short to make them "equal" ;) I have 3m and 6m and do not hear anything strange, even if I can measure some small frequency and phase change with and without a long cable, it is too small to be heard. Normal 12awg cable is ok
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