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    I don't know. I only know from experience. You finally get to the point that all you really want to do is listen to music. In spite of the gear. Personal anecdote: I have a SS amp that many would consider the ultimate SOA (Benchmark AHB-2) and a tube amp (Dyna Mk IV mono pair) that many...
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    Douk VU3 Review (VU Meters)

    Obviously these little add-ons are just a desktop cosmetic thing. However, to be clear, Mac meters are not 'VU'. Rather, they provide a wattage indication, rectifying the average voltage and current into a specific load. At least that is how they used to be. Not sure about Accuphase...
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    Review and Measurements of Cambridge DacMagic Plus

    I should review the documentation. But I'll ask. Is there a way to bypass the volume pot? Edit: It's worth noting that the DacMagic Plus actually ships in its default setting which has the digital preamp mode enabled. To disable this mode, switch the DacMagic Plus off and then push and hold...
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    Cary 805, Cray 221 or Pathos Heritage.

    Cary Audio? Must be a UNIVAC then. :)
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    Review and Measurements of Cambridge DacMagic Plus

    My issues with this preamp DAC have nothing to do with its 'sound' or functionality, which is pretty high--more than I require for my PC. It's the ergonomic aspects. As I've mentioned, my unit's USB LED is out, so you can't directly tell from the front panel that it's switched to USB. However...
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    Cary 805, Cray 221 or Pathos Heritage.

    I haven't followed the scene much in recent years, but rankings still seem to turn on whatever particular metrics and specific applications are involved. Historically (i.e. when Seymour was running the show) Cray was everyone's go to outfit, especially with all the corporate bureaucracy at...
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    Turning speakers on their sides or upside down? Need solution for my desktop setup

    Visuals are always helpful when deciding: Good Better Best When you're not sure, but want to cover all the bases.
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    Study confirms superior sound of a Stradivari is due to the varnish

    All other electric guitars from Gibson and other manufacturers, are lacquered with modern synthetic lacquers, such as acrylic or polyurethane lacquers. Instruments that are lacquered with these artificial substances, look very good, have a durable finish, but sound just like crap. When I read...
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    High failure rate with Topping products?

    There was a time when boutique circuit designers would obscure everything so competitors couldn't 'steal' their proprietary magic. Circuits were potted in epoxy bricks, etc. ARC 'analog modules' were a notable example. I read somewhere where a dealer melted down one of the sealed bricks...
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    Resolving Measurement Issues with SONCOZ SGD1 DAC

    I'd suggest something a bit different. Sincerity is one thing, but if someone is sincere (or honest) in their delusions, others should not necessarily appreciate that. Rather, the mark of a good reviewer is the ability and willingness to change one's opinions in light of new facts, when those...
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    Most innovative manufacturer / person in HiFi in your country

    Jim was a talent, and could evidently motivate, in spite of his own lack of motivation, and lack of a general business sensibility. In the early days of hi-fi it was not uncommon for audiophiles to purchase JBL components and build cabinets. It was an expensive hobby, but you only needed one...
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    Most innovative manufacturer / person in HiFi in your country

    You're talking the early days of hi-fi? In the US, from a strictly consumer hi-fi perspective, I'd nominate Dave Hafler on the low to mid end, possibly Frank McIntosh/Saul Marantz on the high. Of course with those men it wasn't just their work, but more importantly the men they chose to work...
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    Study confirms superior sound of a Stradivari is due to the varnish

    I really don't think that is right. I mean, everyone knows about the electric Stradivarius. But now we're talking tubas. What could be cooler than a beat up horn? And a very big one at that? I think it calls for experimentation. Amplified experimentation. How about a Meyers pickup running...
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    Study confirms superior sound of a Stradivari is due to the varnish

    To me, weird thing about some guitar fans is how they want to own a facsimile of a beat up, road worn instrument, for more money than a 'new' guitar. For example (below) you can buy a Gibson Firebird new for 4K, or the roughed up 'fake made to look like old model' for twice that. Do modern...
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    Questionable Amplifiers

    The Quatre DG-250 uses [an] analog multiplier circuit. The typical DG-250 failure seems to be particularly drastic and destructive. Here's the scenario we've been hearing over and over again: the predriver transistor fails and a huge amount of DC, representing a major portion of the rail...
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