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    Kenny Rogers The Photographer

    Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed that.
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    Jumped on the "snakeoil" train in a different way ...

    This was the country that just 80 years ago considered their leader a God. Maybe there's a connection there?
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    What items have you purchased as a result of ASR?

    DAC: Schiit Modi 3, HP amp: Schiit Magni Hersey
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    $500 amplifiers to test and review?

    Yamaha as-301 or 501. I've got two of the 301's in my triamped system and would love to read a test confirmation of what I'm hearing!
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    Is Roon player getting too bloated and buggy too???

    I have heard good things about MB. If I were just now looking for a media player I might have chosen that. But I have been running JRIVER for going on 6 years now and I have never regretted it or wished to go with a different player, with one caveat. It doesn't stream qobuz/Tidal like Roon (or...
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    Is Roon player getting too bloated and buggy too???

    JRiver has independent dsp implementation including crossovers and peq's for endpoints,. Also dynamic "smartlists" too that are very intelligently laid out and quite easy to use, but sadly doesn't stream.
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    Is Roon player getting too bloated and buggy too???

    I have had the idea that Roon was going to be this amazing media player that would be the end all, that it would replace JRiver as my source. My first trial over a year ago didn't go well because most of my music on my Nas drive was in ape format and Roon didn't see recognize them. 2 weeks went...
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    Is Roon player getting too bloated and buggy too???

    I have not tried that yet. Glad to hear it works for you.. I wonder if Roon will do this? My guess is that I does (or should), but again how much aggravation is required to make it happen? If I can't get it to play to my phone from across the house I don't know about town or across the country!
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    Is Roon player getting too bloated and buggy too???

    For me, when it comes to listening to music, it's either at the end of the day or if I am working on a project, I sometimes like a little background. In either case, I just want to switch it on and have it PLAY! I do not wish to have to troubleshoot drivers, reboot pc's, routers etc. I don't...
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    Is Roon player getting too bloated and buggy too???

    Roon runs like the flu on my setup, and plan to be giving it the axe after my year is up. Granted my system is not as optimized as Roon wants, but I never have anything nearly as glitchy with any of my other windows software, and that includes Qobuz app which I use for streaming these days...
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    Science: Are You Consistant in Your Views?

    . Interesting, 99%.. Got any references to back up your claim? :p
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    miniDSP HD: unbalanced input usage

    I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. Willing to invest another thousand in my system to replace the 4X10HD minidsp, even though I am not fully convinced I'll actually hear an improvement. It's that wondering what's being left on the SQ table that drives us audiophiles!
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    miniDSP HD: unbalanced input usage

    Is it you that has a 2x4 HD minidsp? If so you already have a 4 ch DAC. If you have a biamped stereo system, yes you need a 4 ch DAC, but buying dual 2 ch dacs probably won't work right, you need another 4 ch DAC. I'm interested in this thread because I have a active digital triamped system...
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    miniDSP HD: unbalanced input usage

    If you wish to eliminate a ADC/DAC conversion, feel the mini digital. I did with my 4X10HD after I got the analog feed out of the chain and found it sounded better, (or so I thought).
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    Mocking audiophiles back in 1959

    I guess clearance for the tone arm.. I used to stack as many 45's on top as I could (borrowed from my older brothers collection) and it would play them all. My guess is that tone arm must have to raise pretty high to clear a stack of 7 or 10 records.. I was only 5 or so, can't fully remember how...
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