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    Do power conditioners matter?

    Depends for what. Sound? Unless it's doing something really wrong, no. Safety? Depends on where you are. But a $20 dollar powerstrip will do the same.
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    What are we listening to right now..

    Speak No Evil - Wayne Shorter
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    Used REW+DIRAC for the first time - advice needed

    It's actually quite good! 1/12 is fine, but you have to be aware that correction should be applied differently if it's low or high frequency, as psychoacoustically we perceive frequencies differently. I believe dirac takes this into account and behaves accordingly, but a lot of people limit it...
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    "Professor of Rock"????

    Well... just saw the video (and the guy for the first time). I just find him incredibly enthusiastic about music he loves, so I guess I frame his hyperbole as such. Just stop watching him if you find him annoying, I guess?
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    Jazz ♫ Music only | In the now, or recently, or that you love...

    I was just listening to this, that's crazy coincidence! How that piece hasn't become a jazz standard I can't understand.
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    Help in building a music Library

    I agree with all of the above... my daughter's 10 and my son's 5 and I've sometimes felt the urge to 'educate' them but they'll mostly be slightly interested for a while and then quickly drift away. What I find has helped immensely is not caving or pandering exclusively to what's marketed as...
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    Mini DSP2x4 HD Direc Live, or not.

    My 2c... I had the 2x4HD and then upgraded to Dirac... it was absolutely worthwhile! Dirac is a gamechanger, whether you're a newbie with no experience using DSP or a savant (of the non-idiot persuasion). I do agree that in terms of hardware it's outdated but the jury, I think, is still out...
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    Top Three Male Rock Vocalists?

    :D ok! My take: Bob Dylan David Bowie Roy Orbison
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    Top Three Male Rock Vocalists?

    What's the criteria?
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    DIY Streamer

    Raspberry Pi all the way. There are loads of free software options with many places (like here) to seek help. I personally use a RPi 4b with a usb dac, Picoreplayer and LMS for server duties. I used a Hifiberry DigiOne HAT for a while but USB is just as good or better, plus it's free if you...
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    Please help me understand: active monitors with / without DAC?

    That would be true only if: a) Active monitors have usb input; or b) Computer has audio digital out (coaxial, optical) that matches the digital input of monitor.
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