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ZMF Bokeh Headphone Review

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^ I can sum it up to this

This visual allure of this significantly improves listening experience. We’re the same on that regard.

For some of us there’s enjoyment in both.

I was fully onboard with getting the most transparent gear and EQing everything to Harman in the past, and that can absolutely sound excellent.

More recently I’ve embraced trying out a subjective experience where I’m not focused on transparent gear or worrying about EQ.

I have a subjective setup with a Schiit Yggdrasil OG and Folkvangr running very tubey NOS Western Electric tubes, and while I’m sure that setup measures very poorly it does sound amazing and very engaging with my ZMF Verite Closed and Auteur.

I also have an objective setup with an RME ADI-2 DAC and a Schiit Midgard, and using the Oratory1990 Harman EQ profiles with LCD-5 that’s a completely different and completely transparent and low-distortion experience that’s also very engaging.

I’ve been spending more time with my subjective setup lately because it’s newer to me and has a bit of that new toy appeal, but I also love the tinkering aspect of it.

Changing out the tubes in the Folkvangr can change the sound considerably (probably moreso than in most tube amps due to its design) and changing out the pads on the ZMF headphones can have a huge impact on the sound as well.

There’s something satisfying about finding that magical synergy of the right set of tubes and the right set of pads that just makes everything suddenly click and just sound transcendent.

I'm the same way. It's why I own tube amps and SS amps like the Benchmark HPA4. But I've always loved tube amps, going back to my teenage guitar playing days. I still have way more tube guitar amps than hifi amps.
These are one of my favorite pairs of headphones. I find them more enjoyable than the stealth with a lot of music, but obviously not as transparent. The fuller bass, the slight treble lift and a sense of pretty open space plus the feeling of the headphones hugging my head are the main reasons, plus it is far prettier.

Plus side of the Bokeh is that it sounds fantastic with portable gear. Particularly good match with n3 pro.
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Seems nice enough, does very well with EQ, and looks like something that would merit an "A+" in shop class. Still wish the distortion was lower at 114 db. As a closed back, not as good as the E3 or even the LCD-XC, and the Audeze is better looking, IMHO. It's fine.
Sorry, what headphones are the E3?
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