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Work Headphone Solution With Apple Music Streaming


Senior Member
May 11, 2022
Here's my dilemma. At work I don't have a lot of control with my PC running windows 10 - there are many company controls. I can't get iTunes to work, and Equalizer APO does not work even though I can get Tidal (a temporary trial). At home I have a Macbook Air (M1) and it works fine streaming Apple Music hi-rez with Sound Source for EQ. I also have an old iPad which I can connect to the internet at work running iTunes and the Music app. However, I don't have any viable EQ to use on the iPad.

I love the idea of a Rasberry Pi 4 for a music server, but it's PC based. My family's music service is Apple Music; I doubt that will change. And Apple Music doesn't seem to mix well with PC. I have my doubts a Rasberry Pi 4 runs Apple Music. So, instead of a Rasberry I could use something Mac. What options do I have where I can stream or download Apple Music and also have EQ and PEQ files? I'm thinking an old Mac Mini. How old and minimal of a Mac Mini can I go and still have a viable Music App (or iTunes) with an app like Sound Source to run EQ? And then I need a screen; anything super small? OR would a small macbook be better - computer and screen; and how old can I reasonably go?

I would prefer to have something small and compact. My work dac is a Hidezs S9 Pro. Finding a solution for my work PC would be nice, but there's too many central network company barriers, and since I'm restricted to Apple Music, I figure it might be best to stay within the Apple domain.
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