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Wireless Switcher to compare speakers and amplifiers - anyone interested?


New Member
Jan 29, 2021
I have developed a prototype wireless remote control A/B speaker switcher. It has a wireless remote with one button. You just push the button and it alternates from A to B. There is a corresponding LED on the box for A or B. I close my eyes and after I go back and forth, I open them to see which I prefer. I also use it in reverse to compare amplifiers. There is no delay when switching.

I have seen the need for it to be affordable.

I am trying to determine how much these could be sold for if I was to produce some basic hand-made pieces. Just as you guys said, the Van Alstine is nice, but probably not affordable. In turn, mine is way more down and dirty, but takes quite a bit of assembly time so it would definitely be in the hundreds of dollars range.

At what price point would you guys be interested? $500?

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