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Windows Foobar2000 to Linux Playback Software Advice


Major Contributor
Dec 28, 2018
San Diego
Hello, my Windows based music system motherboard just died and since I had to get a new MB I also jumped ahead a couple of generations on CPU. This change is forcing me to decide if I want to pay the "Windows tax" or go with Linux. While I don't particularly like Windows I am a very happy user of Foobar2000 and several key plugins. The convolution plugin (I use convolution for speaker/ room EQ as well as RIAA EQ). The "Resampler-V" plug in is used to convert all my different sources to the same bit depth and sample rate so my convolution filters work with all sources. Finally I use the "recorder" plug in to add DSP to my TT (through an ADC) and Qobuz playback. Is there a player that does all this or a player and additional programs that can do it all in Linux? I have compiled Linux from source in the past so not expecting plug and play although I wouldn't mind. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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