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Which volume is controlled via the app???


Jan 24, 2020
When using Spotify or Tidal on a PC or mobile device they both have built in volume controls. Windows also has a built volume control and maybe they are the same but presented in different places. They don't appear to be the same as I can change them separately.

Many newer DAC's have built in "HW" (in the DAC chip) digital volume controls that probably are superior to the Spotify/Tidal/Windows SW volume control.

Is there a way to direct the PC/mobile app(s) and/or Windows app to use always the HW volume control in an USB DAC like the Topping D10S (or similar).

I'm now running a RPI3 on Volumio (via "connect") with a D10S DAC on USB, to be able to control the D10S HW/chip volume from whatever device. At least that is what I think happens when changing the volume on the iPhone.....

I would like to drop the RPI and connect the DAC direct to a PC and control the HW DAC volume via Spotify connect and/or Tidal PC/mobile app(s). Is that possible?

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