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Which songs lower your stress levels?


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Feb 7, 2021
Which songs reduce your stress levels? I've been organizing different playlists lately and I'm putting regular links so as not to fill the page with images (all Youtube). Do you have any favorites like these?

Peter White Beuno Funk
Joe Satriani Always with me, always with you
Raye Rudimental
1da Banton Summer Love
Sia Flames
Kelly Sweet Dream On
Commodores Night Shift
Sam Smith Dancing with a stranger
Deliruim Silence
Fleetwood Mac Sarah and The Chain
Enigma Sadness and Return to innocence
Jethro Tull Dunring Hill
Kansas Dust in the wind
Robert Miles Children
Highlander Theme
Industrial such as Red Harvest, Godflesh or early Pitchshifter feel very calming.

When I write, Deathspell Omega, Sektentum and in general, French Black Metal helps me calm down and concentrate, as paradoxical as it is.
Jan Garbarek's sax in this Keith Jarett's My Song has always been soothing...
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