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Which DAC/Headphone amp or All in one Setup will make the Job best for my computer desktop? (4 Setups to choose)


New Member
Mar 29, 2023
Hello all,

this is my first thread here and i first want do say a warm hello!

I registered here an hope to become a few Tips for my project.

At my desktop PC i have a good diy Bookshelfe Speaker which i wanted to keep (like a elac dbr62 but a little better).
at the moment i drive them with an old school yamaha ax396. That is good so far. But the amp is staring with contact/volume Problems.
On this yamaha i have my aiaiai dj Headphone (32ohms).

So i wil replace this amp with a smaller Solution (no big amp on the desk anymore)

Big point for me
a) little bit of Bass Tuning, i´m a bass fan
b) "one action" Speaker to Headphone switch.
At the yamaha i only press speaker "off" and headphone is on (but HEadphone is connected all the time)> i dont want to plug/unplug the hp all the time

I have 3 Scenarios which i wanted do discuss

1. All in one Amp like the topping mx5 (bass adjustment via eq possible, HP/amp switch via Remote) DAC/HP amp/AM all included
2a. Dac/amp like ifi Zen Dac v2 (with bass boos funktion and preamp) and great headphone amp>via fixed RCS Line out to an amp like Fosi tb10d or DA9 (turn volume down for headphone use)
2b Dac/amp like ifi Zen Dac v2 (with bass boos funktion and preamp) and great headphone amp>via balanced out to Balance amp like DA9 (turn volume down for headphone use)
3. Dac like JDS Atom and HEadphone amp Drop aaa THX one (with pre amp) and a tb10d, bass eq via software

What do you think will sounds best?

Or is threre a better Solution? Thx for an advice


PS sorry for my bad english.. :)
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