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Which Amplifier to choose is running dual subwoofers?


Nov 15, 2022
Firstly I have a Emotiva Gen3 3 channel power I have spare. I tried to sell but was offered peanuts, so I would like to keep/use.

My speakers Tannoy precision 6.4 and I've just bought 2x Rel TX7's

I'm looking at the Arcam SA30, as I would like Dirac, but I can't help but feel, that if I'm going to use the Emotiva, that the SA30 is overkill.

Am I best to look to buy a pre amplifier?.... My source is 100% tidal, so would like MQA

I'm also thinking of buying something used and buying a minidsp to allow Dirac that way.

Is bass management important as I'm running dual subwoofers?... Im guessing bass management is more AV receiver isn't it?, Or have you seen BM on 2 channel amps?

I have really enjoying my Nad T778 and Emotiva combo for music, but as I'm planning a home cinema setup it makes sense to swap the T778 out and buy something more stereo focused.

I have up to 2k to spend

Any help is appreciated :)
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