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Where is the "Kick Bass Drum" ?


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Jul 21, 2021
The bass guitar and kick drum are totally locked in on Dreams and it's hard NOT to hear them as a unit, as they were intended to be.
Yes, throughout the whole song the bass guitar and kick drum are the fundamental part of that song, if that can't be heard there must be some other problems. The kick drum got that "slappy" and "thumpy" sound that some drummers like, a completely different kind of kick sound than what is usually used for harder and faster types of rock music where the drummers most of the time go for a faster decay type of kick drum sound.

It's always easier to hear the bass drum in slow-paced songs without too many things cluttering the low end and fighting for the same frequency range all the time, and not too much frequency masking going on. The song "A Well-Made Woman" by King Hannah https://open.qobuz.com/track/135728416 is a good example where the kick drum is easily heard, it goes deep and doesn't have to fight too much with the other instruments.

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Jun 23, 2021
When I listen to music, I enjoy the detail in the presentation the most. To be able to distinguish between clapping and finger snapping, electric or acoustic guitar, different horns and drums just allows me to appreciate the musicians/artists so much more. Don't misunderstand me, I do enjoy all the other aspects of the music; ambiance, spread, placement etc. But definition/detail is what I enjoy the most, which leads me to ask this question of the forum:

Where is the "Kick Bass Drum" ?

I do hear it in some Hi Rez recording (192hz/24bit and above) but almost all the music I listen to doesn't have the kick bass drum audio able. I know it is there because it is a intracal part of the timing of the piece.

Why is it removed?
Try listening to Pineapple Thief "from nothing but the truth". Gavin's kick drum kicks me in the chest. The farther you go in the album the better it gets.


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Jan 10, 2020
Don’t play that song by Aretha Franklin is a prime example of a nice kick drum which is absent from modern pop and rock musi.
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