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What kind of amp for Martin Logan Source Speakers


New Member
Apr 8, 2023
Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and all else.

I have Marantz cinema 50 AVR new.
Martin Logan Source speakers
Martin logan surround sound 4 speakers and center channel
2 subwoofers, Klipsh and Martin logan
4 Orb audio speakers used for ceiling(atmos)
Sony Blue Ray player you can up convert to 8k we play a lot of cds too.

We listen to more music than movies. And just thru Source speakers and subwoofers, for the music, so the source are played at less than 50 watts each right? We have I pod classic that has to be plugged in thru headphone jack and makes sound lower. We have to put volume of AVR on 80 at lease.

We need to push the ml source speakers , not getting loud enough maybe 50 watts a piece. How do you do the math for the 2 subs and the speakers with built in subwoofers is it ok to use 300 to 400 watts ?

or 2 mono blocks total 300-400? Is it ok to have this and just use what is needed. Should the source speakers have their own amp(s)?

So what do you suggest, for and wattage and how many amps? Any particular brand. We probably will look for used equipment. We tried to go without amp, but it seems necessary now.

Thank you for your help.

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