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What do you want to see from Topping..?

After seeing all the test data for the Topping Pre90, I have thought that Topping should offer a phono preamp of the same quality as the Pre90. That should make for a very low noise product with plenty of gain. Feature set should include two selectable inputs with at least one being a balanced input, a mono switch, adjustable gain and loading, and a switchable subsonic filter. A big bonus would be a transimpedance input option for low-output, low impedance moving coil cartridges.
It’s mutual Sal. Not a person I know who wouldn’t stand alongside you guys.
Amen, you guys have always been right there with us when the shit hit the fan anywhere in the world.
A nice updated streamer like SMSL SD9 with same size as D90/A90.
12-channel or 16-channel DAC
7-channel or 12/16-channel power amplifier
after downing about 20 gallons of XXXX

Nectar of the gods. :)

We have a local watering hole (The Wallaby Hotel circa 1883) where there was an ongoing, multi-year stoush over the replacement of the traditional XXXX painted sign on the tin roof with a "VB -victoria bitter" sign. Long term regulars shifted their allegiances to the Woodchoppers Hotel in protest. LOL.

Old google maps satellite shot:

It was recently repainted with the proper XXXX sign. Queenslanders don't like Victorian beer signs on 'their' historic pubs! Made the TV news too.


Grand opening party after a $2.3M renovation.


Great place to suck down a few beers and grab a decent meal, all within a few kms of home. :)
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This topic has gone off the rails

Anyway. Hope to see PA7 released soon. Hope for no pa5 repeat
I'd like to see their implementation of a poor/avg measuring product as well as a an AVR or Processor with Dirac
Great place to suck down a few beers and grab a decent meal, all within a few kms of home
If only we could perfect teleportation
I could just beam over and tip a few with ya.
Just don't want to end up like Jeff Goldblum or Vincent Price in The Fly o_O

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