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What are we listening to right now..


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Dec 15, 2019
Guess I'll punch up one of my usual Thurs night review of,
Live From Daryls' House.
Tonight's guest was a young lady from Brisbane Australia
Grace Sewell
She has a lovely strong voice and sings in a modernized R&B-Soul type of style.
I found her original material to have a bit of a choppy rhythm to it that I found personally
a bit hard to follow, but that's just me. She did a cover of the old Lesley Gore super hit
You Don't Own Me which lets her show off her vocal chops a bit better.
In my YouTube search for a video I also ran across a clip of Lesley Gore doing the song that is a bit unusual in that she is actually doing a live performance instead of lip-syncing the record which was par for the course in the early 60s. That girl could really sing too and excites a lot of lost back seat memories from the day. ;)
Yes Leslie Gore was good with You Don't Own Me, but the version by Klaus Nomi is ten times more fun.

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