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VZR Model One - Audiophile Gaming Headset


Apr 2, 2019
Hi, Mike here again. I was hoping to follow up with you about your 1/4” adapter, as we’d very much like your impressions after using your amp/DAC setup as opposed to your iPhone. Feel free to ping me direct at [email protected] to replace it for you. Just supply me your order number and I’ll look up your address to send one to you.

Also, as you’re likely very well aware, we recommend a few days (at least) for driver break-in. Vic recommends white noise for 30 hours, if that’s convenient for you.

Lastly, the ear pads may also need some break in period - we designed it so that over time it will flatten and settle. Suggest pushing with each hand on each ear cup firmly every time you wear then release.

Thanks again for your pre-order support and hope you enjoy our product!
Thanks, just sent an e-mail.
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