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Volume control


May 31, 2022
North Carolina
I've set up my first system but need some suggestions regarding volume control. I have an Emotiva Basx A2 power amp that is connected to SCHITT Bifrost DAC with Schiit SYS antenuator in between. The amp output and my B-1+ speakers are all connected to the high level input on an Emotiva SE 12 subwoofer. I have the sub crossover set at around 120Hz and the sub volume turned all the way up. I thought it made sense to control the system volume with the antenuator but that has proven to be a very sensitive adjustment. It requires very little adjustment to go from too quiet to too loud. This is especially true when using Roon with the fixed volume setting. I find myself constantly having to reset the volume from track to track. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Also consider lower xover and lower volume for the sub. Measurements are helpful to find the best setting.
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