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Vandersteen Model 3A Signature Stereo Speakers w/Sound Anchor Stands


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Aug 17, 2018
Carmichael, CA
I'm selling a pair of Vandersteen 3A Signatures. The are Vandersteen's classic high-end speaker and sound excellent on all kinds of music. The bass is deep but not boomy. The midrange is neutral and doesn't color the sound. The tweeter is smooth on the top end and isn't bright. All these characteristics make for a well rounded speaker.

The 3A Sigs are in excellent condition. There are no tears, dents, dings. The only issue I can identify is a slight snag in the speaker cloth near the bottom of one speaker. It's small enough that it's difficult to photograph. See pictures for more detail.

This pair is approx. 15-20 years old.

This is a local sale only because I do not have the boxes. To help with this, I am willing to deliver the speakers within 3 hours of Sacramento, Ca.


Floor spikes, Sound Anchor Stands.

Thanks for looking. Don't miss these beautiful classic speakers.

Asking $1775 or best offer.


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