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Using preamp and headphones with Topping A30/D30 Pro?


New Member
Oct 26, 2021
Hello all. I currently have some HD800S+Adam studio monitors and want to upgrade from my Schiit Jotunheim 1 with internal DAC since I have to turn off my studio monitors if I want to listen to my headphones. I was originally just going to buy the Jot 2 since it has a switch to disable the preamp section if I want to listen to my headphones, but after reading the review on here I am reconsidering. The Topping A30/D30 has excellent measurements and I am extremely interested in switching to this stack. How easy would it be to alternate between HP and studio monitors with that stack? I assume I could turn off the preamp via remote but I have no clue. Thank you for the assistance.
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