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Using line out from Subwoofer or sub out from amp?


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Oct 20, 2022
Hi all,

New here / first post. I have a set of bookshelf speakers, and say it is rated to play down to 60Hz. And then a Sub (say the SVS SB1000 Pro), which has line level input and output and speaker level input.

And i have a DAC that will give me RCA output. I don't have an amp yet.

I see many ways of connection it, but I don't really know what makes the most sense.

1) I can have a 2.1 amp, then connect the DAC -> 2.1 amp. And the sub out goes to the sub, and speaker wire to the speakers.
2) I can have a 2.0 amp, then connect the DAC -> line level input of Sub -> line level output of Sub -> 2.0 amp -> speaker.
3) another alternative with the 2.0 amp is to use the speaker level input. Dac -> 2.0 amp -> speakers + speaker level input in sub

Why would someone choose one option over the other? The sub has a way of setting a LPF, but the amp doesn't.



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Aug 11, 2019
US East
Welcome to ASR. Glad to have you here!

The best practice is to use a pre-amp/power-amp combo, AV receiver, or integrated amp with bass management, and have the ability to apply room eq based on in-room measurements. Connect the sub(s) to the dedicated sub output(s) of the pre-amp/receiver/integrated amp, and high-pass filter the signals to the main speakers (to relieve the main speakers from having to output the very low frequency contents). Room eq may be applied upstream of the amp (e.g. using Roon or run the eq on a PC, if it is your source) or with room eq capable pre-amps/receivers/integrated amps.

If you are not ready for the above, then go with the most convenient. If you amp has sub output(s), use it. There is no point running cables to the sub and back to the amplifier then to the main speakers.
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