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Used to make Hypex Ncore amp cases and might make more!


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Jun 10, 2019
Happy new year guys!!

They would be around $1,500 for a pair of mono block cases. I used to sell these as completed amps but that is not something I want to get back into. So these are DIY on your end but very easy to put together.

The whole reason I created this design was to push the edge, look around most manufactures take the simple road and charge a lot of money for a stamped chassis.

My audio design passion started back in 2012 (I was 24 years old!!! lol) and I have made some really cool things.

See more projects below :)

My CNC mill is always busy with other projects but if enough interest arises I could run a batch or two. But if not I got to share my passion with you guys and that's worth something too :)

How do the aluminum bookshelf’s sound?
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