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usbcabel Does it Make an Audible Difference

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Feb 8, 2021
who have a lot about usbcabel and how expensive they are
nordost valhalla2 usb2.0 which costs 4700 dollars for 2 meters
tag supra cable 2 meters costs 80 dollars
the short of the long
90ohm - + 10% tolerance the requirement meets most usbcables
but there one thing that determines it is current 5 volts
laptop and streamer usb port is dirty with power
if disconnect the laptop usb port with power
turn on clean power with quiet power supply from powercabel
and adapter
then you get pure squares oscilloscope
it provides cleaner sound and less jitter
silver in usbcabel can give a little better sound of treble
but do not think nordost valhalla usb gives better sound a supra cable
keyword is clean power
and very tight 90ohm in%
translate in google
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