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Upmixing mono to STEREO

Jul 8, 2018
Just over three years ago I started a website, monotoSTEREO.info, to provide a collection of resources for individuals interested in upmixing older mono source material to stereo through the use of spectral editing, sound source separation, and related processes. In that time the website has been visited by individuals in 130 countries! I am not talking about "simulated stereo"... I am referring to stereo which sounds like it had been mixed from multitrack session tapes, had they existed! Be sure to check out the many examples on the MEDIA pages of the website! The most recent commercial releases were just announced and can be found on the LATEST RELEASES page. Click through to their respective web pages and listen to the sound samples on each page! There are links to over 1,300 research papers, presentations, etc. on the RESEARCH pages of the website. There is also a companion Facebook page where I post updates and related content. Be sure to "Like" the Facebook page to follow it for the updates! It is my sincere hope that you find the website interesting, informative, useful, and thought provoking!

Christopher Kissel
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