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Upgrading from my HD58x ? HD6xx or something else ?

Jan 8, 2019
Yeah the 650/6XX are one of my all time favorites, they really are reference. Headphones that I have found that sound really similar to the 6XX are the Focal Elex on Massdrop (700$ usd) with a much wider soundstage, but it is kinda bright, and ZMF Aeolus (1100$ :S) and Auteur. As far as planars go I haven't found one that sounds similar to the 6XX but the LCD2C's, Sendy Aiva, and Hifiman Arya are all great headphones that can complement a 6XX quite well.

For Amps/DACs, honestly the JDS Labs Atom at (100$ usd) can easily be an endgame amp it is so clean, I have 2 lol. A good dac like an SMSL SU-8 or ENOG 2 pro, can endgame as well.
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