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Upgrading 2-channel stereo receiver paired with Kef Q150 and RSL Speedwoofer


Feb 4, 2021
Southern California
What are the best music focused stereo receivers and AVR's for 2.1 home theater in the $600 range? TV, Nvidia Shield, and Blu-Ray, in small condo living room. Currently running two Kef Q150 and single RSL Speedwoofer run off a 2 channel Denon D-41 mini hi-fi. Surprisingly good for a litttle receiver, but looking for a step up in sound quality and AVR features.
Marantz NR1200, lacks sub crossover, NR1510 looks like good option, Denon DRA-800H has some good deals, vs now discontinued STR-DN1080, available used. Planning to stay with a 2.1 set up, may eventually go to a 3.1 set up with a center channel speaker, but no plans for surround sound 5.x, 7.x, 9.x, 240.24 (240 speaker and 24 subs), etc.
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